Thursday, September 28, 2006

Love Story Chapter 74

Zoey: What? He didn't accept you?
It is 3.00 p.m after college. Kirsten and Zoey was talking on the phone.
Kirsten: I knoew it. I just knew he won't. I mean, common, a guy like him? Who will like a girl like me?
Zoey: Well, I don't know. What's wrong with you anyway? You're pretty and cute. I have no idea what is on his mind.
Kirsten whisper: Jamie.
Zoey: Pardon?
Kirsten: Oh. Sorry. I was just mumbling to myself. Anyway, enough about me. How about you and you're so called crush?
Zoey: Hehe. I don't know. So far so good.
Kirsten: That's goo do to hear.
Zoey: Yeah. Anyway, I got a lot of homework to do.
Kirsten: Yeah. Same here. We are from the same class.
Zoey: Yeah. Alright. Bye.
Kirsten: Bye.
Then they both hang up. After that, Kirsten doorbell rang. Her parents aren't at home so she open up. When she open the door, she sae Cal standing right in front of her.
Kirsten: Cal. What on earth are you doing here?
Cal: I came to see you.
Kirsten: What? I Uh...
Cal: How did I know your house? That's easy. Johnathan use to walk with Zoey and Zoey showes Johnathan where's your house. And Johnathan told me where's your house.
Kirsten: Oh.
Kirsten thinking: Zoey and her big mouth.
Cal: Anyway, I came here is because I wanna say that ...I'm sorry. You know, I just don't like to hurt anymore girls since Jamie is gone.
Kirsten: Don't worry about it. I....I already forget about it.
CaL: So, you're okay right?
Kirsten thinking: Of course I'm not.
Kirsten: Yeah. Fine.
Cal: So...I should be on my way.
Kirsten: Yeah.
Cal: Okay..Then, I'll see you at college.
Kirsten: Okay.
Cal: Bye.
Kirsten: Cal wait.
Cal turn to her. Kirsten walk closer...She wanted to say something but..then..instead, she kiss him. Cal was stun for a moment there but then he manage to play it cool. After she has back off, she slowly open her eyes. She look at Cal. He looks shock alright.
Kirsten: You love me.
Cal: What?
Kirsten: If you don't love me, you wouldn't just stand still and let me kissed you. You didn't push me away.
Cal: Kirsten...this is..wrong.
Kirsten: I know it is. But, Cal I don't even know when my feelings for you develop. I you. There's something in you that I feel so comfortable.
Cal: Kirsten, I don't want to hurt anymore girls. I've hurt Jamie before.I don't want to go through all of that again.
Kirsten hold his cheek.
Kirsten: You won't need to.
Kirsten said in a soft voice. Then she put her head on his chest and said...
Kirsten: I don't want you to suffer anymore.
Cal: Kirsten...
Kirsten whisper in his ear.
Kirsten: Please Cal. Please move on. I don't want to see you like this.
Cal: Kirsten...I...
Kirsten push herself away from him slowly.
Kirsten: I know. No matter what. I'm not Jamie and Jamie is always number one in your heart but then...if you aren't going to open your hearts towards anyone, you will not going to have a lfie anymore.
Cal: I will hurt you Kirsten. I know I will.
Kirsten: I don't care. I just want to be with you.
Cal: Even if I hurt you?
Kirsten: The important thing is. You getting hurt. Not me.
Cal: I...I'm scared that I take you as a replacement of Jamie.
Kirsten: Maybe now you will but later on, you will love me for who I am. Cal, if y ou don't try, you'll never know. Right?
Cal kept quiet. Deep down, he knows that Kirsten is right but..he's not sure whether he wants both of them to be together or not. He just feel weird being with her. But...
Cal thinking: But I kissed her. Why would I even do that if I don't have any feelings towards her? Maybe I do like her a little after all.
Cal: Okay. We will be couples.
Kirsten's face lit up.
Kirsten: Really?
Cal: Yeah. We'll try it out. But..I'm not sure is it the right thing.
Kirsten: Oh, I assure you. It will be.
Then Kirsten gave him a peck on his cheek. The next day, Johnathan was looking for Cal but he was nowhere in sight. Then he spotted Kirsten. He went to her.
Johnathan: Hey Kirsten.
Kirsten: Oh hi Johnathan.
Johnathan: Hi. Hey, have you seen Cal?
Kirsten: Oh, you're looking for my baby hah?
Kirsten: Yeah. Oh, I forgot to tell you. But me and Cal now are.......together.
Johnathan: Together?
Kirsten; Meaning that me and him are couples.
Johnathan: Wow. Really?
Kirsten: Yeah. Hard to believe hah?
Johnathan: No, it's know...I thaught that he can't forget about Jamie and all.
Kirsten: Yes, he can't. But I sort of kissed him first and...well, there you go.
Johnathan: Wow. That's really a great news.
Kirsten: But you don't look too happy.
Johnathan: Really? No. I am happy. Really?
Kirsten: Or are you jealous that your bestfriend has a girlfriend and you don't? You can go of rmy bestfriend.
Johnathan: Yeah. Thanks a lot.
Kirsten: Oh common. She's okay right?
Johnathan: Yeah....ashe's cute and all.
Kirsten: So you want her?
Johanthan: Thanks but no thanks. Did you see Cal anywhere?
Kirsten: Nope.
Johnathan: Okay. Bye.
Kirsten: Hey, where aer you going?
Johnathan: Class.
Kirsten: I'll follow you.
Johnathan: No, it's okay. I'll go by myself. Besides, Cal would be jealous if he founds out that you are walking with me to my class.
Kirsten: Oh common, we're friends.
Johnathan thinking: Yeah but he don't understand that.
Johnathan: No, it's okay. You shoul,d just wait for him here. I gotta go. See ya at lunch time.
Then he quickly run down the hall.
Kirsten: B---y-e.
Kirsten thinking: He is really acting strange.
Back at Johnathan's class, he was not paying attention on what the teacher is saying.
Johnathan thinking: What is this? I don't like her. Why? Why am I keep on thinking about her? All this while, she didn't like you, you idiot. So stop thinking about her. And Cal..all of a sudden, he accepts another girl in his life? And after all I told him to forget about Jamie he can't but now he can? If he ever hurt Kirsten, I'm not gonna forgive him.
After class, Johnathan get out from him class and started to head towards Cal's class. When he reach there, Kirsten was already waiting for Cal outside Cal's class.
Kirsten: Oh, hi Johnathan. Waiting for Cal?
Johnathan: Yeah.
Johnathan thinking: Sort of.
Then after that, Cal came out from his class. He saw Kirsten.
Kirsten: Hey baby.
Cal: Hey.
Then both of them kissed a quick kiss. Then Cal turn to Johnathan.
Cal: Sorry. I didn't tell you this but...
Johnathan: Don't worry. She told me.
Cal: She did?
Kirsten: Yeah. I saw him this morning and I told him.
Johanthan: How could you?
Kirsten and Cal look at Johnathan.
Cal: Excuse me?
Johnathan: How could you do this to Jamie?
Cal: Do what?
Johnathan: This. Coupling up.
Cal: John. I don't understand. You told me to move on with my life.
Johnathan: Yeah. I know I said that. But I didn't expect you to be with...
Johnathan thinking: The person I liked. Again!
Cal: With?
Then Johnathan swallow his saliva. And then said...
Johnathan: Forget it. I'm sorry. I mean, I shouldn't just...
Cal: Johnathan, what's wrong? I thought you asked me to move on and believe me. No one can replace Jamie.
Kirsten look at Cal with a hurt expression on her face. Johnathan realise that.
JohnathaN: No, just forget what I said. I mean..I'm sorry. I shouldn't have..
Then Zoey came.
Zoey: Hey.
All of them were quiet.
Zoey: Um, did I came in a bad timing?
Johnathan: No. You came in a right time. Common Zoey. Let's go get our lunch.
Johnathan hold her hand and pull her with him. Zoey was so happy.
Kirsten: Cal?
Cal: Yeah?
Kirsten: I'm sorry. But, I don't understand. What had just happened?
Cal: I don't know too. That's why I didn't want to be couples with you. I knew something is going to happen.
Kirsten: So you're gonna break up with me now?
Cal: No. Of course not. We're going to settle this together without breaking up. Okay?
Kirsten: Okay. But, just said something that hurts me.
Cal: What?
Kirsten: Is it true that...I can't get to replace Jamie?
Cal: I can't answer you that yet. And I'm not sure about that. Come on. Let's go.
Kirsten hold his hand and they walk together. Somehow, coupling up with Cal isn't such a good thing after all.
Kirsten thinking: Am I making Cal and Johnathan suffer? I wish Jamie is here now. I hope she can tell me what is going on.
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Love Story Chapter 73

Sound of the wind blowing through both of their hair.
Cal: Excuse me.
Kirsten: Oh common.YOU heard me.
Cal: But..I don't wanna believe that.
Kirsten: And why not?
Cal: Because....well...
Kirsten: Listen. I like you and I don't wanna see you like this okay? It's making me sick.
Cal: No one ask you to like me in the first place.
Kirsten: Can you please...just get her out of your mind for just one second?
Cal: You are jealous aren't you?
Kirsten: I'm not jealous.
Cal: Oh really?
Kirsten; I'm not. And I'm so sure about that. Look, I'm just worried abotu you. Okay? Not only me. Johnathan and Zoey too. You are acting as if you are like a crazy person.
Cal: So? I don't care what you all think about me. I know what I'm doing. And I know that Jamis is still alive and she's right here with me.
Kirsten: Oh for pet's sake. You don't care but I do. I do care. I love you so that's why I do care.
Cal: You what?
Kirsten: I said I love you.
Cal: You love me?
Kifrsten: Yes. Yes I do love you.
Cal: No one ever said that to me that sentence anymore since she's gone.
Kirsten: Listen, I just don't want to see you like this. Please. Please go back to college and move on.
CaL:Thanks a lot Kirsten but...Jamie is still on my heart no matter what.
Kirsten: Aren't you going back to class?
Cal: That's the whole point why I didn't want to bring you here in the first place. You will never stop babbling.
Kirsten: Fine. Then I'll just walk back to college then.
Kirsten wanted to walk away when Cal grab her arm.
Cal: Wait.
Kirsten: I'm serious about walking back. You can stay here with your Jamie.
Cal: Look, I'm sorry. I'll take you back. I mean, we'll go back now. Common.
So they went. When they reach college, Kirsten get out of the car and said to Cal.
KIrsten: Aren't you coming?
Cal: No.
Kirsten: I'm just not in the mood to study. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Bye.
Then he drove off. The next day at college, Johnathan and Zoey was walking together reaching at Zoey's class...
Zoey: I'll see you later.
Johnathan: Sure. Bye.
Zoey: Bye.
Johnathan turn around and then he saw Kirsten walking towards her class which is the same class as Zoey's.
Johnathan: Hey.
Kirsten: Hey.
Johnathan: Why you sound so....gloomy?
Kirsten: Nothing.
Johnathan: Oh yeah. You never came back yesterday. You know after you chase Cal. Where did you go?
Kirsten: Nowhere.
Kirsten wanted to walk into her class but Johnathan stop her.
Johnathan: Hey. What happened?
Kirsten: Nothing.
Johnathan; Awww, common. I'm worried about you.
Kirsten: You are?
Johnathan: Errr, yeah.
Kirsten: Thanks, but I'm fine. Really. I better get to class.
Johnathan: Alright.
Kirsten: Bye.
Johnathan: Bye.
Then she went in. At break time. Johnathan was the first person who came out form his classroom and quickly went to Cal's class. He needs to make sure that this time, he wouldn't miss him. He manage to reach there in time. Cal was still inside. He went inside.
Johnathan; Hey man.
Cal: Oh hi.
Johnathan: Hi. Ready to go for lunch?
Cal: Yeah. All set.
Johnathan; Err, wait. Before we go. Can I ask you something?
Cal: Shoot:
Johnathan: Um..did you do something to Kirsten?
Cal: Huh? Do what?
Johnathan: I don't know. That's why I'm asking you.
Cal: No. I didn't do anything.
Johnathan: Sure?
Cal: Yeah. Why?
Johnathan: I don't know she look so down this morning and when I asked her, she said nothing. I mean, she was okay yesterday.
Cal: Maybe it is just not her day that's all.
Then Cal went off first. Johnathan knew that Cal was acting weird but he don't care. So he just went. When they reach the cafeteria, they saw Zoey and Kirsten. They went there.
Johnathan: Hey girls. Ready to eat?
Zoey: You bet. I'm starving. What about you Kirsten?
Kirsten: I'll go look around on what to eat. Common Zoey.
Without waiting for her response, she quickly just pull Zoey with her.
Johnathan; She sure is in a hurry.
Cal: Common, let's go find a place to seat.
At Kirsten and Zoey's side.
Zoey: Hey, what's the rush girl?
Kirsten: Sorry. It's just well....I don't know.
Zoey: What? Common. Tell me.
Kirsten: I told Cal that I liked him and...
Zoey shout: You what!?
Kirsten: Shh. Please. Keep it down.
Zoey: But..what? Seriously you what? I mean...
Kirsten: Listen, it just came out from my mouth by accident. It is not like I wanna tell him on purpose.
Zoey:So what did he say?
Kirsten: That girl Jamie is still in his mind. I think no one can ever replace her.
Zoey: You think?
Kirsten: I don't know. I just got a feeling it will happen that way. I just don't know anything anymore.
Zoey: So, no wonder you quickly ran just now. But Kirsten, you can't run away forever you know?
Kirsten: I know...Common, let's just go buy our food.
Then they went. At Cal's side, Cal also told Johnathan about it.
Johnathan: Oh. Really? Did you accept her?
Cal: No.
Johnathan: Why? Wait. Don't tell me. Is it because Of Jamie?
Cal didn't say anything.
Johnathan: Aww, common man. She is gone.
Cal: Say all you want.
Then after break time, Cal was searching for Kirsten. He found her alright.
Cal: Hey Kirsten. Wait up.
Kirsten stop walking.
Kirsten thinking: He still wanna talk to me?
Kirsten: Hi Cal. What's up?
Cal: LOOK,I know it is awkward but...well, I hope we can still be friends. You know?
Kirsten: Friends. Ya. We still can be friends. Why not?
Cal: Look, please. I don't wanna lose a great friend like you. Well, who knows? Maybe one day I would like you?
Kirsten: Maybe that one day will already be too late Cal.
Cal kept quiet.
Cal: Kirsten...I...
Kirsten: Forget what I said. Sure. We can be friends. That's what you came here for right?
Cal: Kirsten....
Kirsten: What?
Cal: I don't know. I just feel....guilty seeing you like that.
Kirsten: You don't need too. Look, I gotta go. Bye.
Then she went off, leaving Cal standing there.
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Herman is lost again and I'm fed up!

Okay. I don't know what the hell is wrong with that fella..but whatever it is, he is not going to be in my list of love anymore. I won't trust him and I won't believe what he has to say anymore. I know he is in a deep shit but what can I possibly do if he don't even give a damn abotu his fucking life? I mean, isn't it hard just a call from wherever he is to me? Is it hard to even just sms? I mean, common la. It is just a call. And also he can say that he want so much to have a job then go get a job la. I mean, I find for him a job and how did he even repay me? For not showing any damn effort.
Seriously, I'm so fed up with his fucking lazy attitude. He wanna go die, then let him go die la. No one else can help him only himself. I mean, to him in his condition right now, i DON'T THInk that I'm even important to him. He wants me to forget about him so much then I will. Don't even think without me, you can even live man. When I'm away, no one's even gonna look at you. Now you should be thankful enough that someone even cares about you. Wait till you see when you want me so much to leave you, and I leave you, see whether you can stand it or not?
Well, he wants me to forget about him. Fine. Then I will. I mean, I'm seriously fed up with him. People is trying to help him in so many ways and he still don't have any effort in coming here. Fuck la he. Go die la like that. I don't want to care anymore because I'm just going to hurt myself more and more if I do care. Sigh. Goodbye my darling.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I found Herman back and need to help him.

Hi people. I fouind Herman back. What a relief and now I have to help him find job and survive trhoughout this whole october month. My friends are willing to help him. So I don't know la. His life is really miserable all the time. Okay, now it's also quite hard for me to find and get him a job. Me and my kor kor are suggesting a place to stay and find a job in my college. Wakakaka. But then he needs to pay hsi car first in order to not let his car kena tarik. So stupid man his parents. By now, I know that he is still holding onto me. That is. I'm nto complinaing. I was the one wanted him in the first place. And I know that I can help him. I love him so much. That's actually the least I could do. Okay then. Gotta go. Ciao.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Love Story Chapter 72

College is over. Cal was walking towards the entrance and wanted to go into his car and just straigh away go home. He have no idea why he just go and said those things to Kirsten.
Cal thinking: She might think that I'm some fool or something.
He just reach outside of the college entrance and wanted to go to his car. From a distance he saw someone that he don't want to see. It was Melanie. He reach there without even looking at her. He just unlock his car and wanted to go inside but Melanie hold the door with her hand.
Melanie: Are you scared to talk to me now?
Cal: I'm not in the mood Melanie.
Melanie: Well, you're everytime not in the mood. But anyway, I forgive you. I see you made a good progression.
Cal: What progression?
Melanie: Well, I saw you and Johnathan met some new girls.
Cal: They are just friends Melanie.
Melanie: Yeah. And that's good. You must be with one of them.
Cal shout: Melanie! I told you! I an't forget about her and can you please don't bother me anymore!? Argh!
With that, he just close his door and then started his engine and drove off.
Melanie thinking: Hmph. Stubborn fella.
Not long after that, Cal reach his house. He went up to his room and then lye down on his bed. He turn to his left and saw the picture with Jamie and him at the beach. He remembered that was his first kiss with her on the beach. He quickly get up and then went to the beach. He reach there and then just walk along the shore. Wind was just blowing his hair. He stop walking and then he look at the sand. Then he made something in the sand which you readers will know later. After he finish making whatever it is, he sat down on the sand.
Cal: Jamie, eventhough you're gone, this particular spot, is out spot. You and me. No one can separate us. I will always come here and see you.
Then a strong wind blow through him.
Cal: I know Jamie. I know you'll be happy. I love you. Forever.
Then at 6.00p.m on that same day, Johnathan call up Cal's house.
Johnathan: Hello?
Cal: Hello?
Johnathan: Hi man. Wanna go play some basketball?
Cal: Oh. Sorry man. I need to do my homework.
Johnathan: Homework?
Cal: Yeah.
Johnathan: Oh. Alright. So, tomorrow, I'll see you at lunch okay?
Cal: Yeah, sure. Bye.
Without waiting or Johnathan's reply, Cal just put down the phone.
Johnathan: B-ye.
The next day at college, Johnathan was searching or Cal but he is nowhere to be seen then after that someone appear at the back of him.
Voice: Hey.
Johnathan turn.
Johnathan: Oh. It's you.
Zoey: Hi. Looking for someone?
Johnathan: Yeah. Cal.
Zoey: Oh, you mean the popular guy.
Johnathan: Popular?
Zoey: Isn't he popular?
Johnathan: He was. Not anymore.
Zoey: Anyway, why are you looking for him?
Johnathan: I wanted to asked him to remember to go lunch together later.
Zoey: Can we follow?
JohnathanL Sure.
Then Johnathan saw Cal at his locker.
Johnathan: Oh, there he is.
Then Johnathan went there.
Johnathan: Hey Cal.
Cal: Oh hi Johnathan. Hi Zoey.
Zoey: Hi.
Johnathan: You're later today.
Cal: I am? Oh, I stop by at the beach just now.
Johnathan: The beach? What are you doing at the beach early in the morning?
Cal: Visit Jamie.
Johnathan thinking: Visit Jamie?
Johnathan: Excuse me? Did you just said that you went and visit Jamie?
Cal: Yeah.
Johnathan: At the beach?
Cal: Yeah.
Johnathan: Haha. You're really funny.
Cal: I'm nto lieing. It's true. Common, let's go to class.
Then Johnathan look at Cal walking alone.
Zoey: Is he okay?
Johnathan: I'm not so sure.
Then Kirsten saw them and went to them.
Kirsten : Hi you two lovebirds.
Zoey and Johnathan: What?
Kirsten: Giggling.
Johnathan: That's not funny okay?
Kirsten: Aw, common, I was just kidding around. Anyway, why are you guys standing here?
Zoey: Still trying to figure out what has gotten into Cal.
Kirsten: Something is wrong with him? What happened?
Johnathan: Relax. It's not like he is in the hospital or something.
Zoey: He is acting strange.
Kirsten: How strange?
Zoey: Well, he said that he went and visit Jamie at the beach? How weird is that?
Kirsten: Jamie? I thaought that she...
Johnathan: Yeah. That's the weird part. I mean, the weirdest part is at the beach?
Kirsten: Okay. You're right. It is weird. Why not I go ask him?
Johnathan: No. I don't think it is a good idea.
Zoey: Well, we are gonnabe late if we don't go to class now.
Kirsten: Alright. Let's go.
At break time, Johnathan went to Cal's class.He wasn't there.
Johnathan thinking: Didn't he already promise me that he'll go lunch with us?
Then Johnathan walk to the cafeteria. He only saw Zoey there.
Johnathan: Hi. Where's Kirsten?
Zoey: Oh. She saw Cal walking to the entrance of the college so she went after him.
Johnathan: What? Cal walking where?
Zoey: It is as if he was walking out of college.
Johnathan thinking: What is wrong with him?
Then at Kirsten, he followed Cal. He wanted to go into his car and then suddenly Kirsten just stop him from going in.
Kirsten: Cal.
Cal: Kirsten?
Kirsten: Where are you going?
Cal: To the beach.
Kirsten: Beach? Isn't it alittle far from here?
Cal: Yeah, I know.
Kirsten: You're gonna be late for your next class.
Cal: Nothing is more important than Jamie.
Kirsten: Jamie? But I thaught that Jamie is already...
Cal: No. She's still alive.
Kirsten: Okay. Take me with you.
Cal: You want to come? Aren't you scared that you'll miss your next class?
Kirsten: Nothing is much more important than....
Kirsten thinking: Than what?
Kirsten: Nevermind. Just take me.
Cal: Okay.
So they went. After that they reach, Cal went to the spot where he made something. Kirsten saw it. He put a lot of seashells to form a circle. And in the middle, there's a writing saying "Cal loves Jamie forever and ever' and those wordings are made with seashells.
Kirsten: Wow. You did all this?
Cal: Yeagh. It took me quite long.
Kirsten: Yeah. Definitely. this place important to you?
Cal: This is where me and Jamie kissed our first kiss. Right here.
Kirsten: Ouh. Okay.
Kirsten sat next to Cal on the sand. She face Cal and said...
Kirsten: Cal. I know I have no right to say this about you and Jamie or anything about the incident but...I really hope you understand that everyone is worried about you. You tell people that you come to the beach to visit Jamie...That scares people.
Cal: I'm really doing that.
Kirsten: Yes I know. But Jamie is gone...
Cal: I told you she's not gone.
Kirsten; Oh common. Please move on. Okay? I mean, there's so many girls out there who loves you. Can't you see that? Jamie wants you to move on.
Cal: You don't know Jamie. How can you say that Jamie wants that too?
Kirsten: Alright then, just know that there's other people are worried about you and loves you okay?
Cal: Oh ya? No one can love me like how Jamie loves me.
Kirsten: There is.
Cal: Ya right. Who?
Kisten: There is. You just need to see harder.
Cal: Forget it Kirsten: There's no one who loves me as much as her.
Kirsten: I told you. There is.
Cal: But you can't tell me who.
Kirsten shout: It's me! Satisfied!?
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Love Story Chapter 71

Johnathan: Really?
Kirsten: Oh my God. Why do you and Zoey always like to pick on me?
Johnathan: Zoey?
Kirsten: Yes. Zoey? My friend?
Johnathan: Of course I remember her. She has a very cute smile.
Kirsten: Uh-huh. Anyway, you not yet answer my question yet.
Johnathan: Well, you never tell me why you wanna know.
Kirsten: Curious.
Johnathan; I'm not buying it.
Kirsten:Fine then.
Then Kirsten wanted to walk away when Johnathan said something.
Johnathan: Yes. Yes she is.
Kirsten turn. Johnathan walk closer to her.
Johnathan: She is important to both of us. Including me.
Kirsten: But I don't see you being like Cal you know? It is like he is not moving on.
Johnathan: I don't know about him but I'm moving on.
Kirsten: Isn't he your bestfriend?
Johnathan: Not to say bestfriend. We are bestfriends but...long story.
Kirsten: You should be worried about how is he going to move on.
Johnathan: Yes. Sometimes I am worried about him. Wait a minute. You seem pratically so worried about him. You like him huh?
Kirsten: I don't. I'm outta here.
Then she went off. She was heading towards the cafeteria. Then Cal was waiting for her at the entrance.
Kirsten: Cal?
Cal: Hi. Can we talk now?
Kirsten: Sure? Where?
Kirsten: Here? Don't you think that people might see us talking?
Cal: So?
Kirsten: Um...nevermind....Just go ahead.
Kirsten thinking: Silly me. Why msut I be so shy if I'm talking to the most popular guy in school?
Cal: I wanted to talk to you about the other day. You know when you hug me. It was yesterday.
Kirsten: Oh..why? You didn't like it?
Cal: No. It's not that. I mean....I...kinda felt somethign in you.
Kirsten thinkign: Felt something?
Kirsten: Felt what?
Cal: I felt that...I know it is kinda silly but I have feelings for me.
Cal: Tell me that I'm just thinking too much.
Kirsten thinking: It is true though. I don't even know it myself.
Kirsten: Um...I...I mean....You are dreaming Cal. You really are.
Cal giggle: Yeah. That's what I thought too. Sorry to tell you something so awkward.
Kirsten: No. No it's okay.
\Cal: Well, let's go find Johnathan and your friend.
Kirsten: Okay.
So they went. They found them alright...but..
Kirsten: Zoey?
Cal: Johnathan?
Zoey: Oh hi guys.
Kirsten: You all came here together?
Zoey: Errr...we...
Johnathan: We bumped...
Zoey: Yeah. That's right. wE BUMPed into each other.
Cal: Right.
Zoey: Yeah. What a coincidence hah?
Kirsten: Yeah. Coincidence. Um, Johnathan you don't mind if I borrow her a little while do you?
Johnathan; Not at all.
Kirsten: Thank you. Comoon Zoey.
Cal sat down next to Johnathan and gave him a look.
Johnathan: What?
Cal: Don't you dare tell me that you have already forgotten aboUT jAMIE.
Johnathan: Of course not.
Cal: Then what on earth are you dating her?
Back at Kirsten and Zoey.
Zoey: I'm not dating him.
Kirsten: Oh really?
Zoey: Yes. We are just friends.
Kirsten: Okay. Friends ya. And I suppose to believe that you all bumped in to each other accidentally?
At Cal and Johnathan.
Johnathan: That's what happened.
Cal: Don't lie to me.
Johnathan: Look, you don't believe me it's fine okay? What are you so worried about anyway? It's not like I forget about Jamie totally. I mean, what's the matter with you? We can't stay single forever right?
Cal: We are not single. Okay? Jamie is in our hearts.
Johnathan: Alright now let me tell you something. Jamie is gone. Jamie will always remain in our hearts no matter what but what she really wants us to do after she left us, is that she wants us to move on with our lifes. Find a new partner but never do forget her. That's what she wants. She don't want us to feel miserable after she left. She wants us to feel the love feeling.
Cal: Alrigth, alright. Whatever dude.
Then Kirsten and Zoey came back.
Kirsten: Hi. Ready to eat?
Johnathan: Yeah. Common.
Deep inside Cal's heart, he knew what Johnathan just said it is all true but he has one problem. How to forget about Jamie? Like he felt before. Withotu Jamie, his life is just not worth living.
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Love Story Chapter 70

Kriiiinnngg!! It was break time. Cal was actually searching for Kirsten. He wanted to know why did Kirsten actually hug him.
Cal thinking: It was not just any hug. It is as if, she wanted to hug me so badly all the time but just now she had the opportunity to hug me so she did.
Then from a distance, Cal can see Kirsten and Zoey together. He wuickly run to her.
Cal shout: Kirsten! Hey, wait up!
At Zoey and Kirsten,
Zoey: Is that Cal calling you?
Kirsten was shock and turn.
Kirsten: I guess so.
Zoey: He is calling you? Hmmm....Are you hiding something?
Kirsten: What possibly am I hiding?
Zoey: I don't know. Something you don't wanna tell me?
Kirsten: Of course not. I'll tell you everything. You know that.
Zoey: Yeah, yeah.
Then Cal reach them.
Cal: Hey. I was searching or you.
Zoey: Searching for her?
Then Zoey look at Kirsten.
Kirsten: What?
Zoey: May I know why?
Cal: Um, actually....
Kirsten: Oh...look at the time. It's time to go. We'll talk about it another time okay Cal?
Kirsten wanted to leave when Zoey grab her arm.
Zoey: Wait a minute here. You're not going anywhere. Okay, Cal spit it out.
Then Kirsten gave Cal a look which says that they'll talk later.
Cal: She's right. Class is starting soon. See you gals later.
Zoey: Hey....Wait.
But Cal just run all the way down the hallwaY. Zoey loook at her.
Kirsten: Well, what do you know? He wants to go to class now. We'll just talk some other time then.
Zoey: He didn't wanna go to class infact...
Zoey look at her watch and then back to Kirsten.
Zoey: Class won't be starting for another half an hour.
Kirsten: Well, maybe he just wanna you know...go to class earlier that's all. We should be getting to...
Zoey: Kirsten, are you my bestfriend or not?
Kirsten stop talking. And then she sigh.
Zoey: What's going on?
Kirsten: Nothing.
Zoey: Realllyyyyy?
Kirsten: Look, it's no big deal.
Zoey: Oh common Kirsten. The most popular guy in school don't come running at you if it's no big deal.
Kirsten: Well, alright. We.....kinda....hug..
Zoey shout: WHAT!! YOU GUYS WHAT!?
Kirsten: Shhh,quiet down will you?
Zoey: Sorry but what?
Kirsten: We...
Zoey: I know. I heard you.
Kirsten: Well, then don't ask the same question again.
Zoey: No, I mean, I still can't believe it.
Kirsten: I told you. It is just a normal hug. Nothing much and nothing big.
Zoey: You call that nothing?
Kirsten: It's just a hug.
Zoey: Yeah, from a guy that's popular.
Kirsten: Well, how do you even know that he is?
Zoey: Listen. He is the talk of the whole school since that Jamie thing happened.
Kirsten: What Jamie thing?
Zoey: Oh my god Kirsten. Are you studying here or what? How come you never heard about all of this.
Kirsten: Um, that's because I just joined here 3 days ago?
Zoey: Helllooo, so am I. But at least I know.
Kirsten: Alright, whatever. WHat about this Jamie thing? Wait....I think I know. Is this girl Jamie Johnathan suppose to get married with?
Zoey: Bingo. And you told me that you don't know?
Kirsten: Well, it just sorta run through my mind a little while. It kinda ruin their life don't you think?
Zoey: I don't know. It's their life.
Kirsten: I know. But still, this Jamie girl, is she that special until when she's gone, Johnathan and Cal's life becomes a total mess?
Zoey: That, you got to ask them. By the way, where did you hear this?
Kirsten: From Cal. And thats why we hug. I mean, he was crying when he told me.
Zoey shout: He what!?
Kirsten: Alright, you know what? I'm not going to tell you anymore things.
Then she walk away.
Zoey: Aww, common Kirsaten. I promise I won't shout anymore. Common.
In Johnathan's class, he was busy doing his homework until it was lunchtime. He pack his books and wanted to head out from his class room and someone was already waiting for him.
Johnathan thinking: Kirsten?
He went to her.
Johnathan: Hi.
Kirsten: Hi. Um, are you going to lunch now?
Johnathan: Yeah...I was until I saw you. Anything?
Kirsten: Nothin...I just wanna ask you some questions.
Johnathan: Alright. Ask.
Kirsten: Um...regarding about Jamie.
Johnathan: Errr...ookay.
Kirsten: Well, if you don't wanna tell me, it's okay.
Johnathan: No. I mean, go ahead.
Kirsten: I just wanna she that important to both you and Cal?
Johnathan; Why are you asking that?
Kirsten: I just wanna know. Just curious I guess.
Johnathan: Are you sure? Because I don't think just because you're curious, you'll come all the way here just to ask me this question. There must be a reason.
Kirsten: Nothing really.
Johnathan: Why? You like Cal?
Kirsten: What? No...
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Herman is lost and there's no hope this time.

Hi people. Herman is once again missing in action and this time, I have no more idea on how to get him back. And I have not the slightest idea why he dissappear this time. Well, I still have help from my friends and my kor kor. Actually, only the 2 of them.
If I can find Herman back,(which will be a miracle), I would definitely firstly scold the hell out of him and settle things with him. I don't know what would I say. It has to depends on what he said. Man, I really really going crazy with the fucking things he is doing to me. I mean, this is the third time he is missing and not to mention, that he said that he wouldn't do it again!! Tjhen what is he doing now? FUCK!
I mean, if he wanna get missing, please don't be missing in a time like this. I have tons of assignments to do and I have to concetrate. I have like what 8 more weeks to do it. Man, fucker....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Disappointed in her.

Who am I talking about? My bestfriend. AGAIN! Well, obivously she don't want me to be with Herman. Just like my sis. But what I don't like the most is she is forcing me to break up with Herman. Well, obviously, she hasn't have any experience and obviously she is not supporting my feelings so what sort of bestfriend is that?
Mayeb she don't want me and Herman to be together just because we are in a different race. Maybe she is a racist and I hate that. She knows that whoever is important to me must be important to her whether she like it or not. I mean, of all people, I wouldn't expect her to be so inconsiderate. If she can provide me with happiness like what Herman does to me then I don't mind la but can she? All she can ever provide me is always comic books, computer games and anime's . That's all she ever does. I mean, I don't want to be mean or anything like that but then, still, I don't wanna say it again but I just got to say it. GROW UP LA GIRL! How long do you even going to live up with your animation life? You're 21 and I'm not saying you need to be mature. I mean, act as if you are like 21 la. How do you even expect people to like you?
She keeps on telling me she has no friends. Of course la. With attitude like that. I mean, I don't wanna say anything to you because you will get hurt. You always wants to tell people what you're feeling inside but what if I tell you what I feel? She always thinkgs that people lives her way. I mean, come to think of it. She always tells me to paly my gb, or play ps or go watch anime when I feel sad and feels bored. This are the things that I can't stand it. Yeah, she's right I'm taking animation course but that doesn't mean that I have to be like 24/7 on anime things. Common la. I have a life to take care of. And I have a life that I wanna have fun with. Gees. Unlike hers who always stays at home and listening to mum's rules and not going out to mix with people. She always thinks that she is in a fantasy world. Everything to her is anime anime anime. She is living in reality. And until now, she still don't get it.
As a bestfriend, whenever I wanna teach her somethings, she is just too stubborn to listen. I mean, she says that I'm stubborn to listen to her about the Herman part. What about her? She is just too stubborn to eeven listen to me aboutr LIFE!! She is like a small girl who don't know anything about love and life and suffering. I've been through hard times when I was little. And when I find happiness, it's hard for me to even find happiness. MAybe her life is just too perfect living with fantasy things but to other people we want to have reality. Her mind is so set up with her stupid anime things until her ownself become like one.
I'm so disappointed in her due to what she wrote to me yesterday. I mean, we have been through fights. I'm not angry but upset and really disappointed because I can't believe why must she always not supporting me in everything I do? Does she even think and suport me in everything I do? Does she even know how I feel? Does she appreciate whatever I do sometimes? Like bringing her here and there? I mean, all those things, are just what? Bullshit to her? Man, Can't believe it. Nextime when she has love problems, which I know she will, go and ask someone's elses opinion because all I'm gonna tell her is break up with him. See how she likes it when someone is so important to you hurts you and you tell them to someone you can trust and that someone tells you to forget about it. See how she likes it. Can't believe her. Fuck!

Love Story Chapter 69

Melanie:Lets make it short and simple. Jamie is gone. Long gone. I don't know whether you still thinking that she's alive or not but trust me, if Jamie is alive, she will definitely screw you up down left right and centre. She wants you to move on with your life. You can't do it if you keep on acting like that. To tell you thr truth, Jamie is seeing you up there and she hates seeing you like this so please change. Sheeeish.
Those words that Melanie's said that afternoon still ringing in Cal's mind.
Cal thinking: Yeah, I would only believe it Jamie tells me that herself. Who is she kidding? She don't know Jamie so why is she telling me all this when she don't even know anything about her.
Then the phone rang. Cal get up from his bed and headed towards the phone.
Cal: Hello?
Johnathan: Hey man. I can't believe you? Not bad?
Cal: Huh?
Johnathan: Aww, common, don't act as if you don't know what I'm talking about.
Cal: Well, seriously, I think you've gone nuts because I don't know what you're talking about.
Johnathan: I'm talking about those girls this morning dude. I knew that not getting through with Jamie stuff is not true. You already got through her.
Cal: What?
Johnathan: Aww. common man. Those girls were hot.
Cal: Oh, I think I know what you're talking about now. You can have them if you want.
Johnathan: I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that it's great to know that you're moving on with your life man.
Cal: Who says I am?
Johnathan: Don't those girls you just met is a sign to move on?
Cal: What sign? Those girls? I just met them today. Coincident. It's not like I met them on purpose. I'm not like lastime okay?
Johnathan: Common, Cal, you got to make another girl into your life.
Cal: Look. Can you all just leave me alone? I'm ashame of you Johnathan. Of all people, I thought you should be the one not forgetting her.
Johnathan: I know that's not what Jamie wants. So that's why I'm moving on. But until now, I still can't get to find a girl. It's because of Jamie but another things is because there's no girl I can find that suits me. Maybe I'm just used to Jamie.
Cal: Look, I know how to handle my life. So thank you for worrying.
Johnathan: Hey dude. Chill man.
Cal: Whatever. I got to go now.
Johnathan: Bye.
Cal thinking: Oh man. Why does people keep on asking me to forget about Jamie and move on? Don't they know that Jamie means a lot to me? Damn.
The next day, Cal was already ready for his class until someone shows up near him. He turn. It was that girl from yesterday. Kirsten.
Kirsten: Hi.
Cal: Hi.
Cal: No, but I got to go to my class now.
Kirsten: Oh, that's okay. I'll just walk with you to my class then.
Cal: Well, up to you.
Then on their way there,...
Kirsten: So....Johnathan told me about this incident that you and him are going through but he never told me anything about it. It must been real hurting. Did you lose someone important to you in that incident?
Cal then look at her.
Kirsten; Um...I'm just don't need to answer t-...
Cal: Yes. Yes I did.
Kirsten look at him with a curious look.
Cal: Her name is Jamie. She is my bestfriend and then girlfriend and then we became bestfriends again. She and Johnathan were going to get married.
Kirsten: Johnathan?
Cal: Yes. Johnathan.
Kirsten: Ooookay.
Cal: Let's make this less complicating. Two guys which is me and Johnathan loves the same girl Jamie. Understand?
Kirsten: Oh. I get it. And, who did she pick?
Cal: That's the problem, we didn't know until she ....
Kirsten: Until what?
Cal: Until she passed away.
Kirsten: Oh...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked.
Cal: She loves me.
Cal said in a soft voice.
Kirsten: Oh.
Cal: I didn't know that. She didn't know that I love her too.
Kirsten: So, you mean that she got married with Johnathan and Johnathan is a husband now?
Cal: No. They almost got married but her sickness attacked on that day. Then when she was in the hospital while the doctors are operating her, that's the time I knew...she love me(sniff).
Kirsten heard the sniff. She quickly look up at Cal. There's tears flowing out of the corner of his eyes.
Kirsten: Err..okay. Don't cry. You can stop telling me...
Cal sobbing: Why? Why can't I know earlier that she loved me. Do you know what she really wants from me?
Kirsten shook her head.
Cal sobbing: All she wants from me is just to hear me say 'I love you' to her. Is that hard?
Kirsten: Well, I'm sure you did wanna say that to her, just...
Cal sobbing: You're right. I did. But I didn't want to spoil her wedding. If I knew that's what she really felt all this while, I would already said it earlier. She keeps on lieing to me. Why>? Why did she even do that?
Then Kirsten straight away hug him.
Kirsten shout: Stop!
Cal was stun for a moment. Kirsten was still hugging him but didn't say anything.
Kirsten: I....don't want you to get hurt anymore. Just, stop saying those things.
Cal: Kirsten?(sniff)
Then Kirsten let go of him.
Kirsten: I'm sorry. I just...I don't even know why I did that. All of a sudden, I just wanted to hug you to make you feel not hurt.
Cal: Thanks. don't need to do that.
Kirsten: Are you okay?
Cal: I will survive.
Then Cal reach his classroom.
Cal: Well, I'm here.
Kirsten: Yeah.
CaL:I'll see you at lunch time.
Kirsten: Yeah.
Cal: Bye.
Kirsten: Bye.
Then Cal went inside his class.
Cal thinking: For a moment, I thought she was Jamie. But then I got this funny feeling. That...she like me.
Back at Kirsten...
Kirsten thinking: Why did I hug him for? I don't even know why. I just feel that he needs someone and need someone to be there to hug him and stop making him feel...
Then Zoey pops out from nowhere.
Zoey: Hey.
Kirsten: Oh. Hey.
Zoey: You okay?
Kirsten: I'm fine. Common, let's go to class.
Zoey: Okay.
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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Love Story Chapter 68

6 months past. 6 months since Jamie passed away. Cal was as usual in college at his locker.
Cal thinking: 6 months. She's gone for 6 months.
Then he saw her picture with him together.
Cal thinking: I miss her so much.
Then at the back of Cal, Johnathan was there. He saw her picture in his locker. His face grew sad.
Johnathan thinking: After for so long, she has gone. He still loves her. He really must love her as much as I do.
Then Johnathan approach him.
Johnathan: Hey.
Cal: Huh?
Cal turn.
Cal: Oh...Hi John.
Johnathan: Still thinking about her ha?
Cal quickly close his locker.
Cal: Err...yeah.
Johnathan: Well, I came to ask you to lunch.
Cal: isn't even lunch time yet. College just started.
Johnathan: I mean. Later.
Cal: Okay. See ya later.
Johnathan: See ya.
Then Johnathan went off. Cal jsut stare at him for awhile. He sigh and then started his way to his class. He was looking at the ground while he was walking. And then suddenly, he knock a girl.
The girl fall down.
Girl: Ouch
Cal: Oh, I'm sorry.
Gril: That's okay.
Cal: Here, I'll help you pick up your books.
Then Cal help her up.
Cal: I'm really sorry.
Gril: It's okay. I'm not blaming you.
Then that girl observe Cal's face.
Girl: You okay?
Cal: Yeah..why?
Girl: I don't know. You look...gloomy.
Cal: I am.
Girl: Mind to share?
Cal: Actually, it's a long story. I gotta go to class now.
Girl: If we are lucky, we might meet again.
Cal: Yeah. If.
Then Cal started walking away.
Girl thinking: Oh no. I never asked his name. Oh well.
KRIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGG!!! Lunch time., Johnathan was waiting for Cal outside his class.
As soon as Johnathan saw him, he waved.
Johnathan: Hey Cal.!!
Cal waved back.
Cal: Hi.
Johnathan: Ready to go?
Cal: Yeah. Let's go.
Then they went to the cafeteria. Then they were queing up for their food when that same girl was just right in front of them.
Girl: Hey, you again.
Cal: Oh...hi.
There's another girl in front of the girl.
Girl 2: Your friend?
Girl: Um..sort of.
Cal: Hi.
Girl 2: Hi.
Then suddenly Johnathan pops in,
Johnathan: You know this girls?
Cal: Sort of.
Girl 2 thinking: Wow. He's cute.
Girl: I never catch your name.
Cal: I'm Cal and this is Johnathan.
Johnathan: Hi.
Girl: Hi. I'm Kirsten and this is Zoey.
Zoey: Please to meet you.
Johnathan: Pleasure is all mine.
Zoey: Opps, it's my turn.
Then after that, the four of them bought food and eat. Johnathan was happily talking to both Zoey and Kirsten. But as for Cal, he wasn't even in the mood to eat. Then he finish half of his food and then...
Cal: Hey dude. I gotta go.
Johnathan: That fast? Dude, you never even finish up your food.
Cal: I don't have the apetite. Sorry. Bye girls.
Kirsten and Zoey: Bye.
Then he went off.
Kirsten: Is he always like that?
Johnathan: Nope. Just that a terrible incident happened that he can't forget about till now. Same goes for me.
Zoey: Incident? What incident.
Johnathan: It's a long story. I'll tell you girls another time. So are you two like what? Bestfriends?
Zoey: Yeap. We are new. Maybe you could show us around.
Johnathan: Hehe. Yeah. When I have the time.
After lunch, both Zoey and Kirsten say goodbye to Johnathan and they walk to their class.
Zoey: He is a nice guy isn't he?
Kirsten: Oooo, you like him.
Zoey: What? No I don't. Don't be silly.
Kirsten: Common Zoey, I know you.
Then on the way back to class at Cal, he saw Melanie waiting in front of his class.
Cal thinking: Oh great.
He stop where Melanie is.
Cal: Yes?
Melanie: Nothing. Just wanna see how you're doing.
Cal: Fine.
Melanie: Lieing again.
Cal: Look, you know so much about me so what is there to ask?
Melanie: Lets make it short and simple. Jamie is gone. Long gone. I don't know whether you still thinking that she's alive or not but trust me, if Jamie is alive, she will definitely screw you up down left right and centre. She wants you to move on with your life. You can't do it if you keep on acting like that. To tell you thr truth, Jamie is seeing you up there and she hates seeing you like this so please change. Sheeeish.
With that, she walk away. Cal just stare at her leave.
Cal thinking: What does she know?
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