Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Love Story Chapter 50

Kring!!! School is starting. Cal was walking to his class. He don't seem so energetic. He went to his locker and he remembers that he saw Jamie at her locker.Remembergin her smile and her laughter. The first time when they met was at her locker.He took his books and was ready to go. When he turn to his left, he Johnathan was just standing right in front of him.
Johnathan: Hi Cal.
Cal: Hi. What's up?
Johnathan: I just want to tell you that I really apprecaite what you're doing and all. You know, about the marriage stuff.
Cal: Oh, don't mention about it.
Johnathan: So, are you visiting her later? I'm going.
Cal thinking: If I go, I might change my mind. It's better if I just stay home.
Cal: Nah. I'm not free.
Johnathan: Not free?
Cal: Yeah, um, I got things to do. I got to help my mom and stuff.
Johnathan: Oh...
Cal: Well, thanks for inviting me. Um..I really must get to my class. See ya around. Bye.
Without waiting for Johnathan's reply, he just quickly rush dowm to the hallway.
Cal thinking: Man, I feel so guilty talking to him. Sigh, I knew I shouldn't have tackled Jamie. I don't feel so good not getting married to her. I love her so much. Well, for her sake I think I should get over her. Try not to see her so often. Yeah, that's the best solution I can think so far.
Then after school, Johnathan took a bus to the hospital. When he was there, he went inside Jamie's treatment room.
Johnathan thinking: Too quiet.
Then he walk closer. He sit next to Jamie. He hold her hand.
Johnathan: Jamie? Um, (giggling) I don't know what to say to you actually. Funny isn't it? It's been so long you've been asleep. You are a sleepy head. Common, wake up already. Everyone is waiting for you to wake up.
Johnathan thinking: What am I saying? She's not even listening to whatever I'm saying.
Johnathan: Jamie? I want you to wake up. There's something you need to know. And I can't tell you now. Not unless you wake up. So please...Wake up.
Then Johnathan just put his head on the bed. Still holding her hand. Then suddenly Johnathan felt movement from Jamie's hand. He quickly get up and look at Jamie. Now, her eyebrows was moving.
Johnathan: Jamie?
Johnathan not sure was he imagining or was it real? Jamie is moving.That means, she is awake. Johnathan quickly get up from the chair and call the doctor. Then the doctor came rushing in the room and make sure what was going on and treatment her. Then few minutes after that, the doctor came out and told Johnathan that she is awake and she is stable but...
Doctor: She will be gone soon. So be ready. It may happen anytime. If there's anything you need to say to her, do it before it is too late.
Johnathan: Thanks doc.
Withour any hesitation, Johnathan went in and see her. He saw her lying on the bed. He went there and sit next to her.
Johnathan: Hey.
Jamie: Hey.
Jamie said in a soft and weak voice.
Johnathan: So...how are you feeling now?
Jamie: Um...alright I guess.
Johnathan: You look very weak.
Jamie: I am...
Then it was so quiet. Then Jamie started talking.
Jamie: How long was I asleep?
Johnathan: Long enough to make me worried.
Jamie: Oh, common. Just tell me.
Johnathan: About three days.
Jamie: Oh...That long?
Jamie: Including Cal?
Johnathan:Of course. Why did you asked that?
Jamie: I don't know. Probably it's because I don't see his face here.
Johnathan kept quiet and he knew what was Jamie talking about.
Johnathan thinking: Not to mention that weird look on Cal's face when I asked him to come with me and visit Jamie.
Jamie: Where's Cal anyway?
Johnathan He..um...got some things to take care off. But I think he wil visit you later.
Jamie: I see.
Johnathan thinking: Should I tell her?
Jamie: I just wish he woudl come here now especially when I'm awake.
Johnathan: Jamie?
Jamie look up.
Johnathan; Do you love him more than anyone else?
Jamie: Anyone else?
Johnathan: For example,me.
Jamie was so shock.
Jamie: You? Huh? But why?
Johnthan took her hand into his and then kiss it.
Johnathan: Jamie, I did said I wanna take care of you did I? And you told me you canceled the marraige with Cal right? Eventually when you were sleeping, your parents, Cal and I, all of us made a deal saying that I will marry you that is, if...only if you agree.
Jamie: You? Marry me?
Johnathan: Jamie, I don't care if you are going soon. I just love you and I can never take you out of my mind.
Jamie: But...I...um...
Johnathan: I know. Who am I fooling? You and I had broken up for so long already. I can never marry you. Your heart only belongs to Cal right?
Jamie: I don't know Johnathan.
Johnathan: It's okay Jamie. You don't need to force yourself.
Jamie: What about Cal? He agreed on all of this?
Johnathan: Yeah. But that doesn't mean he doesn't love you.
Jamie: Johnathan, can you...give me a litte more time? I need to talk to Cal first.
Johnathan: Sure...but please not too long...
Jamie: Okay..I promise. But Johnathan I need afavour.
Later in the afternoon, Cal was watching tv. But of course, he is not concetrating anything. Then his doorbell ring and he open the door. He was shock to see...
Cal: Johnathan?
Behind Johnathan, Jamie appear.
Cal: Huh? Jamie? What are you doing here?
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Alright. The results.

Okay. Got nothing to say. Well, hehe. Of course got something to say la. Um, first, he came to my house at about 2.00 and then when i went into his car, there were flowers already waiting for me. And sadly it wasn't red. He told me that the friend told him that red is tooo normal. Yeah, well, according to the disney channel this are what the colour of the flowers meant. red=love and passion, white=innosence.yellow= friendship. Um, there's more but can't remember. Anyway, after that, we went to sungai wang coz I wanted to check the prize of the ps2. And then we went and went and then after that, he handed me something. It is a bracelet with H love J. Lol. And it was the exact same bracelet that I bought for him too. Lol. Okay, we walk and walk and then we went to the arcade and wanted to head back to the car to go to mid valley but then leh we were caught up by the rain. So we went and drink in a nearby mamak.
After the rain stop, we went to the car lor. And that time was so late already so we deciced to go to 1Utama and eat. And it was soooooo jam. He was a little mad of course. Well, I don't blame him. After that, we reach 1Utama at about 9.00 and couldn't ind a parking space. That was another thing I was so frustrated about. At last when we found a parking space, we got to walk to the entrance which was located so damn far. But anyway, I don't mind walking. I don't know about him. He seem so tired. Lol, of course la. Driving a manual car in a jam. Who wouldn't be? Anyway, we went in and wow, TGIF was packed. And we decided to change the place. So we went back to italliannies and also the same thing. Only thing is that italliannies has got more people queing up. So we head back again to TGIF. And we made the reservation on that time and then we waited for half an hour and we went in! Ahahahaha. And then we ordered the cheapest food for that day coz I know both of us are broke. Anyway, I tell you, my stomache wanted to burst already. So damn full man. The bill was so damn expensive.. And then after that, we went to the arcade again, just to play one game. We only can affors 1 game. And then I went with him to buy movie tickets. That one I pay la. Then we went and watch movie lor. We watch the shopaholic. Ahahaha. It was funny. Then after that we went home lor. Walk to the car which was so far. My leg was aching so is his one. And he and me both of us are so sleepy. Ahahaha. Then when we reach home, I kissed him lor. Ahahaha. I was so touched by the things he bought and do for me. So well, that was my valentines date. Damn nice and can never forget. Alright people. Gotta go liao. Ciao ciao!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentines day is here! Ar last, I have a date!

Yay, yay, yay! I have a date for valentines day. Although it is not a chinese guy but still we can make this happen. We can make this become a very wonderful date. And well, we are gonna go eat TGIF or Italliannies. Lol. No more eating in delicious.Boring always eat over there. Anyway, my updates about my relationship is well, still single. Um, me and Herman are just temporary. Not real couples but I know that I love him so so much. I mean he has done a lot of things for me and not to mention that I didn't do things for him.
I know he loves me with all his heart. I just don't know whether can I give a lot to him. I know we are just temporary, but somehow, I love him so much and so real. Sometimes I really wanna ask God, why isn't he a chinese? He is just so perfect. And I know that he loves me with all his heart and I know it is very hard to let me go. I know it is hard for me to let him go too but eventually, life isn't fair right?
Who would even believe that I will end up with a malay guy? Well, all the chinese guys are just to chicken and tooooo choosy in girls. They aren't romantic enough. Herman is more my type. But I need to soon find someone who will love me like he does only chinese. I know that no one can ever beat this guy. Cause this guy really share everything with me. All those happy moments we spend together are gonna fade away just like that. Sigh, I really wish that I can find someone who is chinese and be like him. But I know it is too hard to believe. Anyway, I'll just see how things works out between the two of us. I think this relationship is gonna be the real and the most longest relationship. Can you believe it? A malay guy. Even me, my ownself can't believe it. Well, I gotta go and sleep. Need to have full energy for later. My date if you know what I mean. Alright tata~ ^_^

Monday, February 06, 2006

Love Story Chapter 49

Jonathan run as fast as he could. He couldn't stop running...All he knows that he needed to see Jamie be alright. He was not so sure will she be so lucky this time. Then not long after that, he reach Jamie's house all sweaty. He knock Jamie's house door. Jamie's sister was there. The parents already went to the hospital. So Jamie's sister send Johnathan to the hospital. Together both of them went. When they reach there, Johnathan couldn't stop worrying. At Cal's side. He was planning on how to show Jamie how much he loves her. He never call her yet. He wasn't plan on calling her anyway. He was making something which you all will know later. At Johnathan, he and Jamie's sister went to the floor where the operation room is. Over there, Johnathan saw Jamie's parents there feeling so upset and crying. Johnathan just sit down there together with the parents. He don't know what to do anymore.
Johnathan thinking: What is this? I'm suppose to call Cal. Cal suppose to be here instead of me.
Then he went to find a public phone. He found a public phone and call Cal.
Cal: Hello?
Jonathan: Hey Cal. John here.
Then Cal rush over to the hospital. He was driving his car. Tears was running down his cheek.
Cal thinking: This is not happening. This really can't be happening.
Then he reach the hospital. And when he reach near the operation room, he saw everyone there. Johnathan was there looking down on the floor but of course he look up later to him. Cal move close to Johnathan. He sit down next to him and said...
Cal: How did you know that Jamie was in the hospital?
Johnathan: I was talking to her on the phone.
Then later on Cal knew that even this type of thing, someone got to report to him. He wasn't a good boyfriend after all. Then later on, Johnathan and Cal went and talk outside of the hospital.
Cal: Listen John. I think you should be with Jamie again.
Johnathan shout: What!? Are you crazy or something!?
Cal: No, I'm not and quit shouting.
Johnathan: Where did you get that idea from anyway?
Cal: Look, I'm not in a good mood right now okay?
Johnathan: Neither am I.
Cal: Look, I don't wanna argue with you so can you just listen what I have to say?
Johnathan kept quiet.
Cal: Alright. You see, I know that you still loves Jamie. And I got a feeling that Jamie feels the same way too. And well, you know that the marriage is canceled right? I know that you are very important to her. If you never called me, I wouldn't even know that she is in the hospital. So can you see that? You spend time with her even more than I do. I was actually doing something an wanted to show her but it is not finish yet.
Johnathan: What is it?
Cal: It doesn't matter anyway. Anyway, um...here...
Cal gave her the ring.
Johnathan: This....this is.....your ring with her.
Cal: Yeah.Take it.
Johnathan: Take it? Are you crazy?
Cal took Johnathan's hand and put the ring on his palm.
Cal: For the lastime, I'm not.
Johnathan: Cal, I...
Cal: Shh....don't say anything. I just want you to marry her. Please, take care of her. I know I can't.
Johnathan: What you mean? You can't just let Jamie marry another person just like that. What will the parents think? And also what Jamie will think about you?
Cal: I don't care whatever she thinks. I just want her to be happy.
Johnathan: How do you know that she is not happy being with you?
Cal: Cause I know.
Johnathan: Cal, please don't do this.
Cal: Do me a favour please. I never asked you any favour before. So please.
Johnathan know no matter what he said, Cal is not going to change his mind. And infact, Johnathan wants to take care of Jamie so marrying her will be so much easier. So Johnathan just nod his head.
Cal: Thanks and don't tell her that ring is mine. You can tell her later on if you want.
With that he walk back to the hospital. And then they told Jamie's parents about the marriage thing. Cal felt so painful. He knows that he loves her so much but he know that he can't take care of Jamie properly. And he knows that Johnathan will do a very good job. Not long after that, the doctor came out of the hospital and told them that Jamie left a few more days before she is gone. So whnever it is, they got to be prepared. Jamie is in coma now. Late at night, when everyone went home, Cal went there. He wants to see Jamie. He sit next to Jamie holding her hand.
Cal: Jamie? Can you hear me? Hehe. Silly me. You're asleep. Of course you can't hear me. I just want to tell you that... when you wake up, which you will, there's a wonderful news that you willk hear. Things will change. And Jamie, I know that you're not really happy being with me. All the time I make you cry. But don't worry things will change once you wake up. I want you to know something before I leave Jamie. I love you a lot. More than words can say. So Jamie, don't get the wrong idea. I really love you. I just want you to have the care you need. Enough. I now I can't do that. I won't make you happy.
Cal crying: Jamie(sobbing) I really love you. It hurts me so much. But I'm still willing Johnathan to marry you(sobbing). ...
Cal: Sorry(sniff) I guess I shouldn't just cry in front of you like that. I'm such a fool. You never seen me cry before Jamie. Now you know that I'm not so tough after all ha? Well(sniff) I guess, i better go. Bye...
Before he go, he took Jamie's hand and kiss it.
Cal: I love you Jamie. You know that.
Then he left. And then he dissappear down the hallway.
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Friday, February 03, 2006

So happy and sad in a way.Introducing TJ!

Today, I'm like so damn bored. Got nothing to do. Well, no college is like that one la. Anyway, I'm happy coz my baby which is my temporary bf, made me sad and very angry at him and then luckily he knows what to do as a bf, he came all the way from his place like he always did just to cheer me up. Actually we suppose to go out tonight and then well, he sort of have this thing he got to do with his family and I felt so upset. Well I should be.
Well, the reason I should be is because, he never did call me the whole day and that's what makes me so so so mad. And worst part is that we planned all this and suddenly he said that he can't come? Well, I know he have his family matters But if I knew, I wouldn't have canceled the plan that I and Bryan had. I just should go out. Sigh, just because I thought that we were going out which I know we are, I canceled it and make me stay in the house. I can't stand staying in the house. So I called up Debbie but she...well, I don't know. I don't know what the heck she was doing when she already knew we suppose to go out, she went to her friends house. Sigh..sad case. And well, there's this another guy name TJ, actually I so wanted to go out with him. Well, he is my sister's friend. Well, I just got his picture and well, not that leng chai as I expected. Anuyway, I kinda liked him. Eventhough I've never met him but he is very kind and he and my sister always fights. Well, he likes my sis and my sis likes him too it is just that there's just something that kept them apart. Well, I like him too but I can't say a lot like how much my sister does. Even sometimes when my sister denies that she like him, I know how much she does. But sometimes it just hurts me so much coz I thought that this guy will like me too. But I don't think he will like me. I'm just too pampered and I know he doesn't like pampered girls.
Well, sigh, I just wish he knows who he really likes. Coz if he likes my sister, I will just let it be. Infact, he is my sister's friend to begin with. I mean, without my sister, I wouldn't know this guy. Well, I just saw his pic and I can't say that he is 100% cute. He is not THAT good looking but average. Well, my love life always sucks. So, what can I say about this one? It's not gonna change anything. Well, like what my temp. bf say. I will meet someone which is more better than him. I doubt it. How can I when I find him so good?
Well, Jeremy is in Bangkok now. Don't know what is he doing right this moment. Maybe sleeping.Ahahaha. I don't know. I and him still keep in touch. Phew, that's a relief. Well, I don't know what's wrong with Bryan. He send me this weird message when he was not suppose to. He send to the wrong person. So funny. And well, he said something about his life. Sigh, well, he told me he was okay which I don't think he is. Well, my temp bf said that maybe he still has feelings towards me and I doubt it. Even if he does, I don't and not ever. Well, not after what he did to me. Well, he don't even know what he had done wrong. So, well, guys are just like that. Typical. Dumb sometimes. Well, TJ is talking to me now. I guess, I'm done writing. So ciao people. And valentines day is coming. Hope all of you have a wonderful time. I know I will be tomolo. Lol. Ciao and nitez.