Thursday, January 19, 2006

Missing him every second and bored like hell ar!!!

Alright hi guys. I know I'm haven't writing a lot lately. Same goes for Jeremy. Well, maybe he just got tired of writing. Well, same here but once I start something, I'm gonna finish it. Anyway, well, I'm on holidays now. Noo more working. No need to look at the fatty anymore. That stupid bitch. Anyway, that bitch and fat ass is my so called, remember ' so called' manager. Well, I stopped working now and well, I'm still on holiday. Isn't it long? Well, results just came out and well, I passed all the subjects. Phew. Anyway, hmm, one of my church memebers called just now and asked me whether can I make it on saturday coz sunday they got this choir thingie which I know I can't survive in choir. Man, I don't take singing lessons. She asked me to join them. But I CAN'T! ROAR. Well, I just tell her that I can't.But I need to think first.
Well, I'm missing my temporary boyfriend now. We suppose to like hang out today but something just came up and I'm not going to see him today. Well, I did see him this afternoon and well, we need to see each other more than me see 8 hours? Lol. Well, I didn't get to see him that much right now coz I'm no more working there so ..ahh what the hell? Wondering why I said we are temporary? Well a lot has happened lately which I didn't write in the blog it is simply well because I'm just too lazy and no time for blogs. Not to mention online. Lol. I'm not really in front of the computer like lastime. I was just too busy with assignments and too obssesed with gunbound that's why.
Well, the reason we both are temporary is because I'm a chinese and he is a malay. Well, we are not serious. Don't get me wrong. My religion and my race comes first. It is just I wish...I really just wish if only he is a chinese and everything in my love life will be perfect. He has a car, he don't care spending how much money. (In another words, he is not calculative), he calls me everynight and he just loves me for who I am. I love him so much. But I can't really go steady with him coz of those two I've written up there and also because of my family. Well, my dad will never understand how much I really want this guy in my life. Well, I know I said that my religion and my race comes first and I will really stick to that. Now I'm going to slowly observe guys. Chinese guys that are like this malay guy. And if he is just what I'm looking for, this malay guy and I just need to end it. It is what both of us promised. Same goes for him but he told me it is gonna hurt and it is gonna be hard for him. I know. But what to do? We are staying in malaysia are we? There are so many religion and races here.So what to do?
Anyway, well, during my holidays? Man, I'm getting bored. So boring. Nothing to do. So bored until can die man. Anyway, today, my ex coulige(however you spell it) in delicious, I went out with her today and she spent me eat delicious and well, wow, so nice of her. Well, I tried the wedges(at last) and I ate the hearty noodle soup. Lol. It is okay. I just don't like the miso cod inside it. EYULCH! The wedges is so damn nice with the sour cream that is. It is nice when it is hot. Not when it is all soggy and cold. Lol. Anyway, just pay that shop a visit if you all like. I just don't want to make a big advertisement out of that shop because the manager really really sucks.Sucks to da max!!! Anyway, got to go. Well, hopefully he will call soon man. I'm starting to miss him so much. So much until it hurts so bad. Okay, I better stop. I'm beginning to sound so fake..Okay people. CiaO!!

Love Story Chapter 48

Cal thinking: What the heck is she thinking?
It was 4.00 p.m in the evening after school at Cal's house. He was still confused over what Jamie said earlier.
Cal thinking: How can she say that to me? Is our relationship not that important that she can even canceled it for that...that guy.
Cal shout: ARGH!! This is not fair! Not fair!
Then Cal throw his books and whatever he had on his table onto the floor. Then he just lye down on his bed. He don't know what to do anymore.
Cal thinking: Am I not showing how much I love her? Maybe...
Cal shout: That's it!
Cal: Maybe I'm not showing enough. I need to show her how much she means to me.
At Jamie's, she is so tired and needed a break. She just only eaten her medicine.
Jamie thinking: Nowadays, I'm feeling so tired so fast and weak. Sigh. Looks like my sickness is not improving. What's the point in eating the medicine? All this medicine makes me sick. Makes me even more sick.
Then the phone rang. She pick up the phone.
Jamie: Hello?
Jonathan: Jamie?
Jamie: Um, Cal?
Johnathan: Uh, no. John here.
Jamie: Oh. Hi Johnathan. Um...I thought you were Cal.
Johnathan: Yeah, it's so obvious. Am I like interrupting something?
Jamie: Huh? No. Not at all. Anyway, what's up?
Johnathan: Um, nothing. I just wanted to see how are you doing lately. You know, I didn't really talk to you since
Jamie: Yeah, breakup.
Johnathan: Yeah, breakup.
Jamie: Well, I'm doing just fine. Um, just that I feel kinda tired and weak lately.
Johnathan: Coz of your, sickness?
Jamie: Yeah.
Johnathan: Jamie? Can I ask from you a favour?
Jamie: Huh?
Johnathan: Don't worry, it is not much really. You don't need to do anything. It is more like I have to do it for you but, I just need to ask for you permition first,
Jamie:Alright. What?
Johnathan: Can I take care of you?
Jamie: What?
Johnathan: I mean, take care of you since you have this sickness. I want to take care of you until the very end. Until, you know.
Jamie: doing a very great job.
Johnathan: Is he?
Jamie pause for awhile.
Jamie thinking: Actually, I just canceled the marriage. Looks like he is not doing a really good job. We always having arguments lately. Well, that's because he doesn't understands me at all. But it wouldn't hurt just to let Johnathan take good care of me since Cal...
Johnathan: Jamie?
Jamie: Huh?
Jamie woke up from her dreamworld.
Jamie: Oh..sorry.
Johnathan: So?
Jamie: Um, I'm not so sure Johnathan. It's just so sudden that you want to take care of me.
Johnathan: No, no, no Jamie. I'm not asking for your answer. I'm asking is he doing a great job?
Jamie: Who?
Johnathan: Cal. Who else?
Jamie: Oh..sorry.
Jamie thinking: What's the matter with me? I'm seem to lose control of myself. Am I shy? Why am I shy? This is just John.
Jamie: Yeah. I guess.
Johnathan: You guess? That doesn't sound convincing enough. Common Jamie. Give me a chance just to take care of you. I'm not asking you to be with me. Just let me take good care of you. Since you and Cal are getting married, I just want to be close with you for a little more time.
And Jamie, I promise I...
Jamie: The marriage is canceled.
Johnathan: Yes, yes Jamie but...
Johnathan shout: What!?
Johnathan: I'm sorry but what? What the hell happened?
Jamie: Nothing. I was the problem.
Johnathan: Oh stop blaming yourself Jamie. You are never the problem. I know that Cal. He can just blow up anytime. Common, tell me what happened.
Jamie: Nothing. It is better if I just stay shut.
Johnathan: Why can't you just tell me Jamie? Am I not someone important to you anymore?
Jamie: No. It is not that. Um...
Then suddenly, there was silence.
Johnathan: Hello? Jamie?
No answer.
Johnathan shout: Jamie!? Jamie!? Are you there!? Answer me!? JAMIE!!!?
Then suddenly, Jamie's mum answered.
Jamie's mom: Hello? Whose there?
Johnathan: Aunty? Is Jamie okay?
Jamie's mom: I'm afraid she's not. She just fainted.
Johnathan shout: Fainted!?
Johnathan: Aunty, I'll be right over.
Without waiting for Jamie's mom to respond, he just put down the phone and quickly went off. He ran as fast as he can. He has no car. His dad took it and his mom took the other car, so he just need to run to Jamie's house eventhough how far it is. Or maybe find a taxi on the way. A bus is just too long to wait.
Johnathan thinking: Huff puff. I need to see her. Common Jamie: You never even given me a chance to talk to you on the phone. Should I call Cal too? Nah. There's no time. I'll call him when I reach there. Jamie, hold on.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Love Story Chapter 47

Jamie was so shock. Was she suppose to believe that? Then Johnathan started talking.
Johnathan: Jamie?
Jamie: Huh?
Johnathan Are you in a shock?
Jamie: Um, I...Actually, I don't know what to say.
Johnathan: I know. Well, don't need to say anything...Well, I guess, I'm off to eat. Wanna come?
Jamie: Huh? Cal is waiting.
Johnathan: Oh yeah, sorry. I kinda forgotten. Well, nevermind then. Nextime then.
Jamie: Wait.
Johnathan stop walking. He turn back and face Jamie.
Jamie: Um, you can join us if you want.
Johnathan: Nah, I wouldn't wanna spoil your moment together.
With that, he wanted to walk off but Jamie said...
Jamie shout: No!
Johnathan was shock and stop walking and he turn.
Johnathan: Huh?
Jamie: I mean, no. Um, you're not bothering anything. So please, join us.
Johnathan: No thanks Jamie. Thanks for inviting anyway.
Then he walk off. But Jamie really wanted him to join more than anything else.Then a few minutes later, Cal came and Jamie went with him.During the break time, Jamie didn't really talk and Cal realise that she is unhappy abotu something but not sure what.
Cal: Jamie?
Jamie look at him.
Jamie: Yes dear?
Cal: Are you okay?
Jamie: Yeah, why?
Cal: I don't know. You just seem sooo....not you.
Jamie: What do you mean?
Cal: Nothing.
Jamie: Oh okay.
Cal thinking: What? That's all? 'oh okay' and that's it? What's the matter with her? She's not like that. I better ask her.
Cal: Hey Jamie.
Jamie: What?
Cal: Are you sure you're okay? You're just not yourself and I know you are upset about something. Common, tell me.
Jamie: I'm fine really.
Cal: I don't believe you.
Jamie: So now you don't trust me?
Cal: It's not that I don't. It's just I can't because the way you are acting. You are upset about something which you don't want to tell me and I don't see why not. Is it because of Johnathan?
Jamie: No, it is not.
Cal: Then what't the damn problem.
Jamie: Alright, alright. I want to cancel the marriage.
Cal: What?
Jamie: It's because of Johnathan. Yes you're right.
Now Cal's face grew totally white like as if he has seen a ghost.
Cal: John again?
Jamie: Look, I just can't go on marrying you when I know he is so hurt because of his family problem and not caring abot his feelings.
Cal hold Jamie's shoulder.
Cal: Jamie, listen to me. You got to move on. So will he. He just not yet find another girl that he likes that's why he is still hanging on to you.And that's his problem. You need to learn how to take care of your feelings before other people.
Jamie: That is just like you isn't it Cal? You don't care about other people feelings but yourself.
Cal: Did I say that? I'm just saying that you should learn how to care about your feelings first than others.
Jamie: Well, looks like I'm doing that to you isn't it? And you don't like it don't you?
Cal: Jamie, told me that you want to be with me forever.
Jamie: And I do Cal. I really really do. But I can't just turn my back towards him not knowing that he will be not alright. Infact, I will be so heartbroken if he don't show up.
Cal: Oh, for GOD'sake, can you just forget him for once?
Jamie: I can't okay? I can't. I want everyone to be happy. I don't want it to be like this and ...Cal, you dissapointed me. I thought that you understand and change a lot but it looks like I was wrong.
Cal: Jamie honey. I did change, it's just...
Jamie: Let's jsut make it simple Cal. We cancel the marriage until I'm really really ready. Don't worry, my feelings towards you still remain the same. In the meantime, I got to go talk to John. He was my 'ex' before Cal. Please understand. Bye.
With that, she just peck him on his cheek and left. Cal felt so angry.
Cal thinking: How if she leave me?
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