Sunday, July 31, 2005

College starts tomolo.

College starts tomorrow and well I also don't know should I say WOOOOoooo HOOoooo! or NOOOOooooooooooo! Lol. But I am quite excited. Well, sigh, need to prepare for assignments two weeksa or three weeks later. Sigh, and to people who are reading my story, well sorry to say that, I will update but not so much. Um , continue reading la. Hehe. Ok la. Ciao. Wanna go do something liao. Don't know wanna do what also. Ahahahaha. Hope everything turns out okay.
Ok ciao people.!

Damn her.Go find your own bestfriend. Coz I have enough of your fucking lies and complaints. Go! Far far, but don't blame anyone but ureself.

Message for my Idiotic bestfriend(Maybe this will be the lastime I will call her my bestfriend)
It seems that my bestfriend is sooooooooooooooooooooo mad at me. For unreasonable reason. Actually she is angry at me because of having fun(Weird? Sure is weird. You know why? Her thinking like small girl. So let it be) Can't blame her though. She likes to have fun so much. But my fun and her fun is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy toooooooooooo different. But I wanna tell you guys something. I really really thought that we have a lot of things in common(lastime) Yes, lastime. Not now. And I always tell myself, that I have a wonderful and trustworthy bestfriend. Now if you asked me is she, my bestfriend, I will say, HELLLLL NOOOOOOOO~~! Why, you asked? Let me tell you something.
People likes having fun. People likes to go out, People likes to chill out. People likes to release stress. Okay, her hanging out way and chilling out way is like that. Reading comic,(by the way, she can spend tons and a lot of money to buy her freaking comic books and buy whatever fucking things that she likes and she doesn't mind. But she can't spend some money, just to hang out with me to watch movie and yarm char. Fuck right she? And that amount of money I asked her to spend with me, is so much cheaper than her childish toys, which are comic books) To me, comic books are a waste of money. Are you gonna use them when you get old? When you are 70? Please Reney, GROW UP, not to mention you are 1 year older than me. Show a good example. Your mind is so narrow. I hate you Reney. I REALLY HATE YOU.I have given you fucking a lot of chances but you blew it. I really hate you. You screw things up. I hate you. I hate you million times. People might think why I hate her so much. Okay, I spent time with her, whenever she feels bored, I asked her to waer somethign nice also she doesn't likes it. An sometimes, she can say bad things about my sister which I admit I don't like(Of course I don't like. She's my sister DAMMIT.If I say something bad about your brother, do you think that you like? I admit sometimes I don't like my sister, I complain, but you only you can say things about my sister when I asked you questions. You have no right to say it on your own will. Fuck you!!!
Now is the time, to show out my true self that I really hate most about you. I hate YOU SO MUCH RENEY. SO MUCH THAT I DON'T KNOW ANYWORDS THAT I can explain. Since that day when you write things about me, I forgive you and now, again, again, you write fucking things about me. Hey, Hellllllllloooooooooooo~~ if you don't know anything, shut your stinking mind and mouth. You fucking don't know anything and you are accusing me saying that I was well prepared for everything that has happened? Helllllllllllllooooooooooo!~~~, I was the victim,I have no idea what is going to happened. And for that, you still wanna accuse me? Fuck you Reney! if you don't like to play, or don't feel like playing because you have your PERIOD,then tell them you are not feeling well STUPID!! And for your info, you have no car, you have don't even have your license when you are 1 year older than me. What a shame? Why? Your mommy thinks that you are stilll like a baby can't drive and your mom thinks that you are too clumsy? Hey Reney, you want to say things about me, then go ahead, because I can garuntee you all the friends that you wanna find, will forever be malays or chinese educated friends, because you are too picky. And people who are willing to be your friends must trreat you like a princess. And cannot spend money, only can soend money on COMICS!!! Hey Reney, good luck on finding someone who can fetch you go here and there and go out with you everytime. I will not be here for you anymore when you wanna have fun. You prefer it that way fon't you? Go find la. I hate you so much. You shuold apologise for showing your fucking moody face yesterday night. You hate me, and I hate you, fair and square. Goodbye!! End o my message. Go find a good bestfriend, who only spend money like you. Which buy comic books! That's all. Oh yeah, and good drawing. Oh yeah, and 1 more thing Reney, I really hope God Bless you. Because as rom your blog as what I can see, is that you never did appreciate whatever I had done for you. And also from your blog, I can see that you never did hear anything what my uncle(pastor) has said yesterday about friendship. Next week, in my church, there's this talk about friendship in my church. I was wanting to call you along but think about it( I DON'T WANT YOU TO COME ANYMORE.WHY? COZ YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HEAR IT AFTER ALL WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT MY CHURCH. GO BUILT YOUR OWN CHURCH LA RENEY. FUCK MAN YOU!)
Wanna go sleep liao. Waring my energy only typing all this. She wil not even read la my blog. You know why? Because she is not highly educate so she read very slow, and she don't like to read words. She likes to read pictures and words together. Aww, that's just like small little girl reading. Hey Reney, are you 20 years old or are you 2 years old? GROW UP LA SMALL GIRL!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Love Story Chapter 34

Both Cal and Jamie went back to Jamie's house. She was sniffing. Cal knows that she's going to cry any moment.
Cal: Um, Jamie, are you okay?
Jamie: I'm fine.
Cal felt a little bit awkward both of them sitting down on the cusion saying nothing.
Cal: Um, are you hungry? I'll go cook for you something.
Jamie: No, I'm fine. I'm not hungry.
Cal: Are you thirsty? I'll go and take for you.
Jamie: Cal, I said I'm fine.
Cal: Oh, sorry.
Jamie: Um, Cal, you can go home now. I want to be alone.
Cal: But Jamie, are you sure you will be okay? I mean, your family isn't here. And I'm sure Johnathan won't be...
Then Jamie cried.
Cal thinking: Oops, did I say something? Okay, Cal, time to shut up.
Cal: Um, Jamie, I didn't mean to say...
Then all of a sudden, Jamie hug Cal while she was crying. Cal hugg her back.
Jamie crying: Cal, I can't get to see him anymore. I can't get to go out with him and hear his voice anymore.
Cal: Who say you can't?, you are his friend, I'm sure there's a chance to be doing all those things you wanted.
Then Jamie stop hugging Cal and look away.
Jamie: Um, I don't want to be his friend. I want to be more than that.(Sniff)
Cal: I know. But what can you do?
Then Jamie look at Cal and smile.
Jamie: It's okay. I now love can't be forced. Thanks Cal..for everything.
Cal: No problem.
Then theg hugg again. Then enxt day was school and it was the exam day. Jamie went inside her classroom.
Jamie thinking: Okay, just act normal. But whatever happens, don't look at him.
Then as soon as she step in the classroom, her friends suddenly run to her.
Girl A: Hey Jamie. I heard what happened. How did you guys broke up?
Jamie thinking: What how did they know?
Girl B: Yeah, I thought you guys were all a happy couple?
Jamie: Um, I don't know anything. Don't ask me. But how did you guys know?
Voice: Cause I told them.
Jamie thinking: That voice?
Jamie turn. It was Johnathan.
Jamie: What? Why did you tell them?
Johnathan: Well, that's because we are not together anymore aren't we? So why you wanna keep it as a secret that we are not together?
Girl A: Hey Jamie, Johnathan told us that both of you broke up due to Cal.
Jamie: Cal?
Johnathan: Yes. Cal. You and Cal should already be together right now am I right?
Jamie: What are you talking about?
Johnathan: Look, I don't know whether are you acting or not. But one thing I do know is that your heart always belongs to Cal and never belongs to me. Never, am I right?
Jamie: You are crazy.
Johnathan: Oh, I'm not crazy. Whether you want to admit or not, it is fine with me. So long.
Then Johnathan just walk striaght ahead knocking Jamie's shoulder. Not long after that, Jamie's teacher came in and handed out their exma papers. Johnathan was sitting a few chairs at the back of Jamie on the right hand side. Then during the exam, Jamie felt headache again.
Jamie thinking: Oh no. Not this time please.
But she really can't concetrate. So she raise up her hand. Johnathan saw of course.
Teacher: Yes Jamie?
Jamie: Teacher, can I please go to the washroom?
Teacher: Sure. Go on ahead.
Then Jamie went to the washroom. She wash her face over and over again. Then she look down at the sink. Then suddenly, a drop of red liquid frop onto the sink. She open her eyes wide. Her nose was bleeding again. She quickly wipe it away. She wanted to cry but can't.
Jamie thinking: It's okay Jamie. Common, just pass this test and you'll be fine. You need to be tough. headache is really killing me. I forgotten to bring my medicine with me. Sigh, what a day?
Then she went back to the classroom but she can't walk striaght. She was walking right and left.Then she knocked a table.
Jamie: Oh, I'm sorry.
Then she went back to her seat.
Johnathan thinking: Weird.
Then after the test, Johnathan was at his locker packing his stuff. Then when he close it, there was a face in front of him. It was...
Cal: Hi
Johnathan didn't say anything. He just walk away.
Cal : I need to talk to you about Jamie.
Johnathan stop walking. He didn't turn but he said...
Johnathan: Her problem has nothing to do with me.
Cal: Oh really?
Then Cal walk towards Johnathan and said...
Cal: Even if she's going to die?
Johnathan towardsto Cal. Instead of having that sadness look on his face, he smiled and said...
Johnathan: You think I'm going to believe that lie?
Cal was shock.
Cal: What do you mean lie? It's true. She has having leukemia.
Johnathan: Oh common Cal. You are not good at lieing. So just stop it.
Cal shout: I'm not lieing dammit! She's having leukemia and she really needs you!
Johnathan: Um, correction. She needs you, not me.
Cal: Why can't you just believe me for once.
Johnathan shout: Hey, I believed you but you blew it. You screw up everything. I'm tired about Jamie's stuff. Why both of you can't accpet the fact that I and her are through?
Cal: Look, I don't care about whether you are with her or not. But she really needs you. At least, I want her to go with a peaceful and happy heart.
Johnathan: Have you eaten your medicine Cal? Cause as far as I know, you are crazy. I need to go now... and don't follow me.
Then Johnathan walk away.
Cal thinking: Oh man. What can I do to make him believe me?
When school was over, Jamie came running to him. She grab his arm. Johnathan turn.
Johnathan: Huh?
Jamie: Johnathan? Hi.
Johnathan: Oh. Hi.
JaMie: I need to talk to you.
Johnathan: Can you guys give me a break? First was Cal, now you. What do you guys want from me anyway? God, leave me alone.
Then he walk outside of the gate. He walk quite far rom the school, but Jamie was still following him from behind. He felt annoyed so he turn and said...
Johnathan: Alright, alright. What do you want to talk to me? I haven't got all day you know?
Jamie; Nothing. I just want to ask you whether can you be my friend?
Johnathan: Friend? You are crazy if you think I'm going to be your friend.
Jamie: But why not? And I'm not the one who broke up with you.
Johnathan: I know. But you did somethign wrong.
Jamie: What? You are crazy. I din't do anything wrong.
Johnathan: So that means a guy going inside your house is not wrong? I mean, when you have a boyfriend? Oh common Jamie. Learn something.
Jamie: I think you shoud learn not to be so stubborn and not to be so sensitive Mr. sensitivity.
Johnathan: I'm not going to be your friend and that's final.
Jamie: Ok, that's fine with...
Then suddenly Jamie's headache came back again. She was holding her head. Johnathan's back was facing her so he could not see her.
Johnathan: What?
Then he look at her. She was still holding her head.
Johnathan: Please, don't act. It's not going to work.
Jamie:B-b..ut, I....
Then suddenly, she is gonna faint...Johnathan quickly grab her so that she will fall into his arms.
Johnathan shout: Jamie! Jamie! Jamie, what happen to you? Don't scare me. Jamie! Jamie wake up! Jamie!
Johnathan thinking: I need to call the ambulans. Jamie, hold on.
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Hey guys. Sorry, I never updated. Anyway, just wanna say that tonight I'll be going to cell. Or more like party? Hmm, I also don't know. Anyway, Jeremy is tagging along. That's nice. At last he can go out. But hey, it is still a cell thing. Not going out lepaking.
Anyway, Debbie smsed me this afternoon and she woke me up.LOL. Afternoon I woke up. Maybe I'm just too tired. Anyway, she smsed me to see whether can she, me and Kit Siang go out together. She misses him. Awww, how sweet? Lol. Anyway, I can't get Kit Siang so ahh, what the heck?
Now, I'm just so bored and got nothing better to do so I thought just update my blog. Lol. Anyway, I think I wanna update another chapter of Love story. Okay la. Ciao guys.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Love Story Chapter 33

Kring Kring. Jamie's handphone rang. She saw that Johnathan was calling. She was so happy.Then she picked up.
Jamie: Johnathan?
Johnathan: Hey baby.
Jamie: Hey.
Johnathan: Um, are you okay? You didn't attend school.
Jamie: I know. I'm sorry. I'm kinda sick.
Johnathan: What? You mean that sick? Headache again?
Jamie: Um, yeah.
Johnathan: Dear, that headache of yours don't seem normal. It's been a few days. Did you go and see the doctor?
Jamie: Yes, I did. He said that I was actually having a fever. But now I feel fine.
Johnathan: You sure?
Jamie: Yes.
Johnathan: Good, Coz I was getting worried about you. Um, can I come to your house to you know visit you?
Jamie: Tomorrow is a the exam baby. You should study.
Johnathan: Look, I just wanna see you.
Jamie: Alright, but um, not now. Maybe later. Give me 10 minutes.
Johnathan: Okay.
Then they hung up. Johnathan got a strange feeling that Jamie doesn't want him to visit her.
Johnathan thinking: Nah, just a stupid feeling of mine. Stop being sensitive.
So Johnathan went home. Then at Jamie's side, at the same time when she put the down the phone, Cal came in her room in the hospital...
Cal: Ready?
Jamie: Yes.
So Cal fetch her home. Then they reach Jamie's house. Cal help her take her bags and stuff. Jamie open the door. The she turn to Cal and said...
Jamie: Thanks Cal. You've been a great help to me. I'm home now. You can go.
Cal: No, I need to make sure that you'llbe okay.
Jamie: Don't worry. I'm fine.
Cal: Jamie, your parents aren't in the house. Not until later around 5.00 if I'm not mistaken. And your sister is in college is she?
Jamie: Look, Cal, I'm really fine. Besides, Johnathan will be coming soon.
Cal? Johnathan?
Cal thinking: Did I hear wrongly?
Jamie: Yes. He is coming. Anytime now. So I suggest you better leave.
Cal: But I thought that you guys...
Jamie: He called just now. And it looks like he wanted to apologise when he comes to my house.
Then at the same time, Johnathan was already on the way to Jamie's house. Not long after that, Johnathan can see someone at Jamie's door. It looks like...
Johnathan thinking: I can't get to see clearly.
Then Johnathan asked the taxi to stop. He went out of the taxi and paid the taxi. The taxi went off. Johnathan was holding a bouquet of flowers. Then he walk closer to Jamie's house. He was stnading outside Jamie's gate.
Johnathan: Jamie?
Then Cal and Jamie look at him. Once Johnathan knew who was that, he wanted to scream. Cal again. Three of them was so stun.
Jamie thinking: Oh no. Wrong timing.
Cal thinking: Oh man.
Johnathan thinking: Why must it always be him? Why!!
Then Johnathan drop the flowers. Both Cal and Jamie look at it and then to Johnathan. Then Johnathan shook his head in disbelief and ran off.
Jamie &Cal shout: Cal, Cal!!!~~~
Then Cal chase after him.
Jamie shout: Cal, where are you going!?
Cal shoud: I'm going to talk things out with him!?
Then Cal went away and was no where to be seen.
Jamie thinking: Oh no. This is bad. I better follow Cal.
At Cal, he was chasing after Johnathan. He almost can catch up with him.
Cal shout: Hey Johnathan! Wait up!!!
Johnathan shout: You jerk! Stop following me! You, girlfriend stealer!
Cal thinking: What the heck is he talking about?
Then Cal finally catch up with him. He grab hsi arm. But Johnathan struggle very violently.
Johnathan shout: Don't touch me you jerk!
Cal shout: Alright. But coul you please listen what I have to say!?
Johnathan straight away look at Cal and shouted...
Johnathan shout: Why should I listen to a person like you? You are a disgrace to guys.
Cal: Look, calm down... I...
Johnathan shout: Why should I calm down!? You are always disturbing my girlfriend and I never did say anything to you. Some people like you, should go find a prostitude.
Cal can't believe what he just said...
Cal: Excuse me?
Johnathan: What? Now you are deaf?
Cal shout: Hey! You better watch your mouth you bluddy bastard. I didn't steal anyone's girlfriend. And I didn't do anything at all. Why can't you listen to Jamie's explanation or anyone's explanation?
Johnthan shout: I don't need to listen to anyone's explanation!
Cal: You're too proud
Johnathan: At leasT I'm better than someone.
Cal grabs Johnathan's collar and said...
Cal: Listen here, you stupid. Jamie, really needs you now. Show some support will you, instead of fighting everytime with her.
Johnathan: She don't need me. She have you is better.
Cal: What? Why you always don't wanna appreciate what you have?
Johnathan: I don't appreciate what I have? I appreciate everything I have including Jamie. But someone has been spoiing it.
Then Cal slowly let him go.
Cal: I didn't spoil your relationship. You are the only one thinking negative stuff.
Then at the same time, Jamie reach them...
Jamie shout: Johnathan!
Johnathan look at her, Cal turned.
Cal: Jamie, what are you doing here? You should be in your house resting.
Jamie: No. I need to see him.
Johnathan: I have nothing to say to you.
Johnathan wanted to go but Jamie grab his hand.
Jamie: John, please. Cal was just concern about me.
Jonathan look at Jamie and said...
Johnathan: Concern about you? Concern about what? Do you think that I'll believe in your stupid little lies? Concern? Hmph, there's nothing to be concern. You are all cured now right? What? You think you have sickness and die?
Cal: Johnathan. How could you...
Jamie: It's okay.
Jamie turn to Johnathan and said...
Jamie: It's okay if you don't believe. But at least you should cool down and let's talk back in my house.
Then Jamie grab his hand but Johnathan struggle and Jamie's hand was swing away.
Johnathan shout: I'm not going anywhere with you!
Jamie: Please Johnathan. Please. Let's talk in the house.
Cal: Yes, Johnathan. Listen to her.
Johnathan: I'm not listening to you. I'm not gonna listen to you for the rest of my life. You and Jamie. Cal, take care of Jamie. She don't deserve to be with me. You are right.
Jamie: What do you mean by that John?
Johnathan: What I mean is that I'm sick and tired of us fighting everytime. I want to end this relationship.
Jamie thinking: What? Is he serious?
Cal: Are you nuts?
Johnathan:No. I'm thinking striaght.
Cal: You are crazy. Do you know that Jamie really really needs your support now?
Johnathan: Support? Support for what? Whatever she needs it for, she can just get it from you.
Cal: You jerk..Jamie has...
Jamie: Cal. Quiet. Let's just go.
Johnathan: You guys will make a great couple.
With that, Johnathan went off. Then Cal turn to Jamie and said...
Cal: Why didn't you tell him the truth?
Jamie: Cal, you still don't understand. I don't want him to know that I have sickness,and I don't want him to know that I'm gonna die. I don't want him to be upset. It is better this way.
Cal: Are you sure?
Jamie: Yes. Common let's go.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Love Story Chapter 32

Cal thinking: Oh man. I hope she is okay.
Then the doctor came out from the hospital. Cal went towards the doctor.
Cal: Doc, how is she? Is she okay? What is wrong with her?
Doctor: Calm down. Where's her parents?
Cal: Um, their on the way. I'm her bestfriend. Please, tell me.
Doctor: Um, she's having leukemia.
All of a sudden, Cal felt like thousand knives are stabbing right through his heart.
Cal thinking: What? Leukemia? That's impossible.
Cal: But doctor, that's impossible. She's perfectly fine. It is just a headache.I mean, it just started last night.
Doctor: No, she might already have the headache quiet sometime just that it is not that serious so she felt completely fine. But the germs inside is attacking her brain cells, so that's why she felt pain. Now it is in the serious stage. Since she was bleeding through her nose, that is counted as serious. I can give her a pain killer but I'm sorry, I can't do any operation on her. If it is not on the serious stage, there might be a chance to cure her. But at this stage. I can't do anything. So get ready for anything that might happen next.
Cal thinking: No, no. This is a dream. Not real.
Then the doctor went away. Cal look at Jamie when the nurses push the bed. Cal don't know should he cry or should he just act normal. Then not long after that. Jamie's parents came when Cal was just about to see Jamie.
Jamie's mom: Are you Cal?
Cal: Yes.
Jamie's mom: How is she?
Cal just sigh. Then he told them the whole story. Jamie's mom cried same goes for Jamie's sister. The dad was comforting Jamie's mom. Then after that,all of them went to see Jamie. Jamie's family went and see her first. After that, Jamie's dad called Cal.
Jamie's dad: Cal, my daughter called you.
Cal get up and went inside the room. Then Jamie's dad said...
Jamie's dad: We are going now. If there's anything, call us.
With that, they went off. Cal still can hear Jamie's mom crying. Cal went to Jamie.
Jamie: Cal?
Cal bearly can hear what Jamie was saying.
Cal: Yes? I'm right here.
Then Cal sat beside Jamie. Jamie was smiling.
Cal thinking: In a moment like this she still can smile?
Cal: Um, how are you feeling?
Jamie: I don't know. Normal I guess.
Cal: Um, Jamie, your family already told you that...
Jamie: I know Cal. I know.
Cal: And you still can smile?
Jamie: What? Why can't I smile?
Cal: But you are going to die.
Jamie: So?
Cal: Don't you care?
Jamie: Of course I care. But what can I do? I can't be saved anymore.
Cal: Sigh. If...if only, you detect it earlier.
Jamie can hear that Cal's voice was trembling. She knows that he is really really hurt. Same goes for her.
Jamie: Um, Cal? Are you going to cry?
Cal: Huh? No. (Sniff)
Jamie giggling: Oh common. It is not all that bad. I'm still alive.
Cal: Jamie, you have a fight with Johnathan am I right?
Jamie was shocked.
Cal: Sorry, I followed you. I mean, I was worried. I was scared that Johnathan might done something to hurt you.
Jamie: No. He will never hurt me in the outside. Only my heart he will.
Cal: Jamie, he doesn't deserve to be with you.
Jamie look at Cal.
Jamie thinking: What is he talking about?
Cal: Look, yes, I know that I said I still love you and stuff but that's not why I said he doesn't deserve to be with you. It is because you guys always are in a fight. Plus, now you have this sickness. And he doesn't even knows. He didn't even call you.
Jamie: Cal, I know that you are worried about me and all. Thank you. But to tell you the truth, I love Johnathan no matter what he have done. Before I went with him, he sacrifice so much things for me.
Cal: Jamie. Now we are not talking about sacrificing here and there. Now is about trusting with each other.
Jamie: Cal, can you please...
Cal: Sorry. I'm just thinking what's best for you.
Jamie: I know. I thank you. You really are a great bestfriend. I need to go sleep. I feel tired.
Cal: Yeah you better.
Jamie: Oh, please don't tell Johnathan anything about this.
Cal: Why? Jamie, you still want to lie to him?
Jamie: No, not now. I will be going out of the hospital tomorrow.
Cal: What tomorrow? You need to be in the hospital.
Jamie: Don't worry about me. I need to go to school. I still need to see Johnathan.
Cal: But Jamie,...
Jamie: Don't worry Cal, I will striaght away come to the hospital if there's anything wrong with me okay? Please please?
Cal just sigh. Jamie is so stubborn sometimes. So he agreed to arrange everything. Then next day at school, Jamie wasn't in school. Johnathan was searching for her.
Johnathan thinking: Hmm, one whole day I never see her. Is she avoiding me or something? Why is she acting so childish?
Then Johnathan saw Cal with his usual gang.
Johnathan thinking: I need to asked him. I'm sure he knows something.
Then Cal went towards Cal.
Johnathan shout: Hey you!
Cal turn.
Cal thinking: Oh no.
Cal: Johnathan.
Johnathan: Where's Jamie?
Cal thinking: I knew he will ask me this question.
Cal: Um, she's at home.
Johnathan: At home? What is she doing at home?
Cal: Look, you are her boyfriend. Why can't you be a little concern for her?
Johnathan shout: Hey!
Johnathan: I don't need you to teach me.
Cal: Whatever. Call your baby. She needs at least a little caring from her own boyfriend. I will not tell you everything. And to tell you something, I don't know what happened between the both of you. But as a guy, you should be the one making the first move. You have hurt her to many times. You don't deserve to be with her but she chose appreciate her.
Johnathan was speechless. Cal just walk away leaving Johnathan there thinking.
Johnathan thinking: He's right. I've hurt Jamie too many times. I really don't deserve to be with her but...she chose me. Man, I'm so confused. But now is not the time to think about this. I need to call her. I have a lot of things to apologise to her.
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Love Story Chapter 31

Johnathan: Are you okay?
Jamie: I'm fine.
Johnathan: I think you should go home later right after school.
Jamie: But...
Johnathan: Hey, remember, you should study.
Jamie: I know, it is just that I didn't see you this few days..Kinda..miss you a lot.
Johnathan: I know. Me too. But hey, ater the exam, you and me are gonna spend the rest of the whole day together.
Jamie: Promise?
Johnathan: Promise. Anything for my baby.
Then suddenly, someone came at the back of them...
Cal: Hi
Both of them turn.
Jamie: Oh hi Cal.
Johnathan: Let's go Jamie.
Jamie look at Johnathan.
Jamie thinking: Why can't they just get along? Sheeeish.
Jamie: Where are we going?
Johnathan: Somewhere. Away from this person.
Without another word, Johnathan lead Jamie away. Cal wanted to say something but eventually nothing came out from his mouth.
At Jamie and Johnathan, Johnathan keep on pulling Jamie and Jamie struggle and said...
Jamie: Johnathan, that's enough.
Then Jonathan let her go.
Jamie: What's the matter with you?
Johnathan shout: Nothing!
Jamie: Nothing? You just pulled me away from Cal. Can't you guys get along?
Jonathan turn to Jamie...
Johnathan shout: You don't know what it is like to being kicked and get hit by a bunch of people!
Jamie: Yeah, I might not know how painful it is but I know that it is very painful to get shouted by my own boyfriend each and everyday.
Johnathan: Who said I shout at you everyday?
Jamie: Almost. Do you know I got to watch what I say when I am with you and do you know, that I got to respect each and everything you do? You don't even respect me.
Johnathan: Who say I don't?
Jamie: For and instance now. Are you respecting me?
Johnathan kept quiet.
Jamie: You don't. You only think about yourself. I didn't know you were this type of person. I...I...
Jamie shout: I HATE YOU!!!
With that, she run away. Johnathan look at her while she run away. Then he look down on the ground.
Johnathan thinking: What have I done? Everytime, we surely will fight. What is going on?
Cal saw what happened and he just shook his head.
Cal thinking: Why Johnathan, don't know how to treat her?
And he went away. Jamie kept on running an running until she realise she has trouble breathing. She stop running for awhile. She rest behind the wall. Then she felt headache again. She tried to ignore the pain. Then...
Voice: Jamie, Jamie. You okay?
Jamie thinking: That voice?
Then suddenly Jamie saw someone in front of her. She can't seem to see clearly. Then after a few seconds, she can see. It was Cal.
Jamie: Cal? What....What are you doing here?
Cal: Don talk about me. Talk about you. Are you okay?
Jamie: Why?
Cal: You scare me a bit just now.
Jamie: I did? Why?
Cal: You weren't balancing. You were moving right to left.Left to right. Are you okay?
Jamie: I don't know. I just having a headache. I mean, I already ate panadol lastnight.
Cal: When did this happened?
Jamie: Lastnight. Probably I am just too tired due to the exam.
Cal: I know. But Jamie, you got to take care of your health.
Jamie: Don't worry. I know how to take care of myself. Excuse me. I got to go to my class.
So Cal let her go. Somehow, he is still worried about her. Then after school, Jamie walk back alone from school. Then again, she see thing blur. She stop walking. And hold her head. Then slowly, her head was hurting and this time, it is much more painful than last night.
Jamie thinking: What is this? This is not an ordinary headache...
Then after that, she fainted. Someone saw her. It was Cal.
Cal thinking:Is that? It is.
Cal shout:Jamie!
Then he run to her. Cal was shocked when he saw something coming out from her nose.
Cal: GASP!
Cal thinking: Blood?
Set By
- Jessica Tan -

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Message to Jeremy.

Duh, I know that la dongong.. Why you always don't know what I think? I know that you didn't asked me to MUST go back with Chris. Eeish. Sometimes you make me hate you a lot. I know you are sick and not in a good mood but I have enough already la yesterday you telling me in front of your mom and stuff like that in front of church members. Enough la. You want to scold me so much then fine la but don't need to embarass me okay?
If you think that I'm your bestfriend, then you should know what I think. You can ask Sara Yap what I told her. I know what you mean I just didn't wrote it in the blog la. Dammit. I don't need to write everything in the blog must I? Yesterday you make me upset liao and then you want to make me upset in the blog somemore. What the heck?
You wanna know what I think about you izzit? Hah? I always thought that you are a very good friend. A bestfriend that I can't get to find in a million years and a friend when I really need you.I always tell people about you but yesterday was the most one thing I hate about you. You can go ask yourself. If you were me and I were you then you know la how I felt. Nextime, when you don't feel like going out, then jsut tell me in a serious voice or tone that you are sick and don't feel like going out or your mom don't allow you go out. ENOUGH!You don't need to go and tell your mom so much story. You tell me everytime is "I don't know" Of course I thought maybe can go out ma. Tell me a serious answer la. Eisssh! Sometimes I very bengang with you.
Then about Chris, I know what you meant la. I'm not blur. I just didn't write everything out in this bluddy blog la. I'm not so much time and lazy to type out one whole thing in detail what really happen because it is fucking bluddy late liao so I just cut it short. Now you know what I mean then fine. Can't believe it man. ARGH!!
I wanna go cool down already. Sorrry for whatever I said. But seriously, I wasn't happy yesterday. And well, it is up to you whether you think I'm blur or whatever it is la. To tell you the truth you are really a bestfriend I would love to have but yesterday. If you know how much you hurt me then say sorry. If it weren't for the confference about the 3 'fs', I also don't know how am I going to forget. Hope you understand what am I writing.
Sorry if I hurt your feelings.
Your Bestfriend,
-Jessica Tan-

BegGinNinG a nEw L|F3! TuRnIng |ntO a n3w sEt oF leaVes! Go0dBye oLd Je$S, w3lComE nEw J3$s!-No mOre huRts,no moRe Pa|N$ n N0 mOr3 t3ArS 4 gUyS!

Hey people. Guess what happened? I saw Chris today TWICE! And that suck. I mean, well, not to say I hate him or anything. No. The 1st time was because he asked me to go out ma ok lor. The second time was because I went out with Jeremy and saw them. Man, I tell you, it really is a coincidence. Sara said it was fate. I don't think so. But even if it is. Look at that title up there. No more. No more for guys anymore I had it.
And guess what people. I got a feeling about Chris also. I mean, something ler. I don't know. When I fetch Jeremy home, I got think about what Jeremy said to me. About going back with him. I'm not too sure about that. I mean, if really one day, Chris asked me back for a chance which I wish NOT EVER, I think I will reconsider it. Take things slow. I mean, that time when I was really into him, he didn't appreciate me. ME! Instead, he wants us to be friends which is hard in a way. But now we are like all buddy buddy now. You know, we call each other go out and stuff like that. Even if he can't go out with me, then I don't mind because he is nothing to me. NOTHING I TELL YA. NOTHING! I mean, if he is my boyfriend then there is something ler.
Sometimes I wish that I can find someone a guy, that has the same free time with me. I can't find one! Why? I'm so freaking angry. I can't find someone my age or older than me and go out with me to watach movie every saturday. Is it hard? Just watch movie only also so hard? So angry man. Oh yeah, go back to Chris. To me, I don't want him. I think. I mean, if he is still the same as lastime, I don't want him anymore. I mean, why should I go back with him when he was the one did not appreciate me at the start? I mean, like Bryan is another case. You dump me just like a snap of the finger and now you like me back? That's bull!
Serious shit. I don't care what the heck is going to happened next and I'm ready for anything that is coming. I already told you I'm sick of this lovey dovey. But of course still got think about it. I mean, when I went out with him this afternoon, I feel so stress. But that is just walking. Let's see when we watch a movie and see whag happenes. Hopefull he won't be like that jerk Kelvin. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that Kelvin is a total buddy jerk. Fucking faggot and childish la he.
Anyway, um, all my bad words are coming back. So no chance that Chris will like me la. Coz I seldom go to cell already and since Jeremy is not there to ya noe, remind me not to say bad words, too bad. I will keep on saying without realising it. Can't control la. Aijo. Anyway, hmm, I already ask Chris to go out with me next week to watch show. Only the both of us. So let's see whether got anything happen and I tell you and garuntee whatever happenes leh, sure starting with him. I will not hold his hands or whatever shit I do lastime. I will bring a jacket. But it is a horror movie so maybe I will hide at his chest like what I always do to Jeremy but that doesn't mean he HAS THE RIGHT TO TOUCH ME AN I WON'T LET HIM TOUCH!NO TOUCHEY! LOLZ.
Crazy la me. Why sudden't I asked him go watch movie? I seriously don't want. Nevemind la. Okie ler. Late liao. Gotta go. Ciao!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Love Story Chapter 30

Jamie sit down on her bed and keep on thinking that she is not happy being with Johnathan.
Jamie thinking: No, we weren't like this before. What is happening?
Then she don't want to think much about it so she just go and take a nap. The next day at school, Johnathan didn't want to talk to Jamie. He knew that he is in the wrong. Just part of it, not all of it.
Johnathan thinking: But I can't avoid her forever. This is not the way. I mean, I love her so much. How can I just leave our problem unsettled?
But then again, Johnathan keep on thinking thay Jamie always have Cal beside her. Johnathan shook his head to get that thought out of his mind. He don't want to think about it anymore.
Johnathan thinking: No, I can't . I need to see Jamie. I love her. I need to talk things out with her.
Then when he almost reach Jamie's class which is also his class, just about to reach, he saw someone he don't want to see coming out from her classroom and it was Cal. Again, Cal. Johnathan just stand there and look at how Cal has that disgusted happy look on his face.
Johnathan thinking: What? What were they talking about? Why is Cal so happy?
Johnathan can't stand everything that is happening to him. Things are not going well for him. So he went to where and Cal is. Cal saw him walking towards him. Cal don't like the look on his face. Soon Johnathan reach at Cal.
Cal: Hi John.
Johnathan: Don't hi me.
Johnathan look inside Jamie's classroom and saw Jamie sitting there nicely. Johnathan: You came and see Jamie didn't you?
Cal: Well, yeah. I mean, she told me that you both got problems. So you know, she sounded very sad so I decided to you know, comfort her.
Johnathan: Let me tell you something Cal. Our bussiness is none of your bussiness. So just buzz off. Okay? I hate you already. Don't make me hate you even more. I and Jamie have problems and you have no right to know what is going on and please don't be around too much with her because I can't settle things when you are around.
Cal: Why not? You can just talk things out.
Jonathan shout: Don't pretend I don't know anything Cal! You think I'm stupid!?
I heard everything you, Jerk!!!
Cal: I don't understand what are you talking about.
Johnathan: You don't? Then let me tell you. I know that you still loves Jamie don't you?
Cal: So what if I love her? She don't love me.
Johnathan: Oh really? That's not how the wat I see it.
Cal: Look, you are just being sensitive.
Johnathan: I'm not even being a little damn sensitive here.
Cal: Hey, look, I know Jamie way much more better than you. I know she loves you and that's final. She is very sad at the way you are treating her now. She loves you Johanthan. Trust me in this.
With that, he go away. Somehow, he knows that Cal is telling the truth. At Jamie, she saw that Cal and Johnathan was talking outside.
Jamie thinking: Oh no. Is something going on between them?
Kring!! The sound of the bell. Break time! Jamie went to her locker to put her books back. She look right and left. Johnathan is no where to be seen.
Jamie thinking: Hmph, looks like he isn't ready to apologise to me just yet. Hmm, looks like I got to eat alone.
Then suddenly, someone close both of her eyes.
Voice: Guess who?
Jamie recognise that voice.
Jamie: Johnathan?
Johnathan: Oh, you're good.
Johnathan let go of his hand. Jamie face him.
Jamie: So are you already thinking positive?
Johnathan: I'm sorry. I know I was being a jerk. But I'm not going to say I'm wrong for the whole arguing thingie. You were wrong too.
Jamie: Yeah, I know and I'm sorry too.
Johanthan: Hey, why not I make it up to you? Wanna go eat your favourite food?
Jamie:Which is?
Johnathan: You know, SEAFOOD!
Jamie: OOOOOooooo, sure. Why not? You spend me?
Johnathan: Must you asked?
Jamie: Giggle. Common, let's go.
So they went and someone saw them. It was Cal. He saw Johnathan holding her waist. He was jealous but what can he do? Jamie doesn't like him. That's what Jamie said. He seriously had lost everything.
Girl B: Hey Cal, are you coming or what?
Cal shout: Coming!
Well not exactly all. When break was over, Johnathan and Jamie was inside their classes chit chatting. Then their teachers came in.
Teacher: Good afternoon class. Alright, as you all should know is that, you all will have a test coming soon.
Jamie thinking: Test? Exam? Hmm, how come I don't know any of this?
Then Jamie raise her hand.
Teacher: Yes Jamie?
Jamie: Ma'am, were we informed about this?
Teacher: No. This test is actually to test your ability. We give you late notice to see whether which one of you students pays attention in class and who don't. Now this test will be starting on monday. So prepare what you all can. Don't worry, it's just a matter of fact which class will you go next year. Alright, now back to our class.
Jamie thinking: This is really tough. Lately, I didn't pay much attention in class. Because of Johnathan. Well, looks like I got to bear not seeing him this few days.
Then Jamie look at Johnathan. He was smiling away.
Jamie thinking: How can he smile in a time like this. Is he happy not seeing me?
Nah, it can't be.
Then after school, Jamie was packing her bag. Johnathan was waiting for her.
Jamie: Okay, done.
Johnathan: Alright, lets go.
So they went out of the classroom and headed for the big gate. On their way,...
Jamie: Dear?
Johnathan: Hmmm? What is it honey?
Jamie: I...don't think we should meet this few days.
Johnathan was shock and stop walking.
Johnathan: Why?
Jamie: know what the teacher said right? We are having exam.
Johnathan: Oh, that.
Jamie: Yeah, and you are smiling away. Can't believe you still can smile in a time like this.
Johnathan: Why can't I?
Jamie: Coz I won't be seeing you silly.
Johnathan: Oh, that's the problem. Well, you see I thought of you know, studying with you.
Jamie: Oh, I don't think that will be such a good idea.
Jonathan: Why?
Jamie: I just don't feel nice if I study with people. And I can't study together. I won't be able to pay attention. And plus, you are my boyfriend. I will pay attention on you instead of the books.
Johnathan laugh.
Johnathan: Well, then don't do that.
Jamie: I can't baby. You will gonna be a distraction to me.
Then Johnathan's face turns gloomy. Jamie realise that.
Jamie: That's why I said, I can't see you this few days.
Johnathan: If I new this earlier, I wouldn't have smiled earlier.
Jamie smile. Johnathan looks so cute when he is in a gloomy expression.
Jamie: Well, it's not so bad. It's jsut gonna be a few days right?
Johnathan: Um, yeah, I guess.
Jamie: You gotta promise me that you will study okay?
Johnathan: Of course. I know what to do. If I want to be your honey, I got to work harder than you am I right?
Jamie: Yeah.
Johnathan: Common, let's go home. Oh, I forgot, can I call you?
Jamie: Oh you're so silly.
Then when Jamie reach home, she quickly took a shower and went straight to study. And yeah, she was studying as usual. She study almost for 5 hours.
Jamie thinking: Wow, I studied almost 5 hours. I'm crazy.
Then she saw her picture and Johnathan on her table. She smile.
Jamie thinking: Hmm, wonder what is he doing.
Then she pick up the receiver and dial his number.
Johnathan: Hello?
Jamie: Hi baby.
Johnathan: Hey baby.
Jamie: What are you doing?
Johnathan: Um, just woke up from my nap.
Jamie: What? You didn't study?
Johnathan: I was thinking to study after I take a nap. If not, I can't put anything inside my brain ya noe?
Jamie: Oh.
Johnathan: What about you?
Jamie: Oh me? I already studied for 5 hours. I'm going to continune later.
Johnathan shout: What?! 5 hours?! Are you crazy or something!?
Jamie: What?
Johnathan: Non-stop?
Jamie: Uh-huh.
Johnathan: You better take care of yourself.
Jamie: Yeah I know. Common, what could possibly happen to me?
Johnathan: Lost your memory for exmaple. Trust me, there was such case before.
Jamie: Alright, alright. I'll take a nap after I talk to you okay?
Johnathan: Good. That's my girl.
Jamie: Okay, you better go and study. You never even touch your books yet.
Johnathan: Okay, okay. I'll call you later tonight.
Jamie: Okay. Bye.
Jonathan: Love you.
Jamie:Love you too.
Johnathan: Click.
Jamie hung up and she smile to herself. Somehow, she knows that Johnathan is trying his best to make this relationship work. Then Jamie went to sleep. At about 8.00, Jamie's dad called her to eat dinner. So she wake up and took her dinner. Then later on, she went back to do some work on her maths. 1 hour later, she felt headache. She shook her head a little bit then she felt better. Then she continue doing her work but she can't seem to concetrate. Her head was killing her so much. Jamie hold her head with two hands. It really is hurting her.
Jamie thinking: Ouch! I'm having a headache.
Then she quickly ran down to her kitchen and search for a panadol. Then after she ate the panadol, she felt so much better.
Jamie thinking: Hmm, I think I should rest like what John told me too.
As soon as she reach to her room, the phone rang. She pick up the phone.
Jamie: Hello.
Johnathan: Hey baby.
Jamie: Hmm, you are 1 minit late.
Johnathan: 1 minit late?
Jamie: Yeah, normally you will call me at 11.00 . Now is 11.01.
Johnathan: Hahaha, since when did you make such a rule on what time should I call you?
Jamie: I was only joking.
Then again, her pain of her head come back again.
Jamie: Ouch.
Johnathan: What? What's wrong.
Jamie: Huh?
Then Jamie try to ignore the pain on her head. And she began talking.
Jamie: No...thing. Just a little headache.
Johnathan: Oh. Did you take panadol?
Jamie: I did.
Johnathan: Okay. Seee, I tld you not to study too hard.
Jamie: What? I took your advice you know? I took a nap.
Johanthan: Okay, You better go rest. An, sigh, I'm not going to see you tomorrow and it's a weekend.
Jamie: I know. And don't you dare go out without me.
Johnathan: But you won't be going out right?
Jamie: Yeah, so you can't go out too.
Johnathan: Yeah, I know. It's a weekend and I need to study. It really isn't me at all.
Jamie: Let's just say, I'm in your life and I'm going to change you.
Johnathan: Am I going to like the changes you are changing me?
Jamie: Sure you would.
They talk for awhile and then they hang up. Jamie went to brush her teeth. And went to her bed.
Jamie thinking: Hmm, I thought my headache was okay after I ate the panadol. Oh well, I better go sleep and start a new day tomorrow.
And so she did.
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- Jessica Tan -