Sunday, April 10, 2005

Wake up oledi

I woke up already. After wake up everything seems clear. Better than just now. Just now everything so blur. Ahahaha, I read my dear's blog and lol,.waaaaa,so garang wan he? Lol. ToTALLy different person.... LOL.!!Ahahahaha, dear, don la so garanGLet them be lor what they wanna think but they sure will turn back to God if that's what you want them to do. Everything happens for a reason like what you always tell me. Anyway, I also was not having a good relationship with God previously and now I have. Very very close somemore and I'm happy about it.
Anyway, well, my baby is furious about people blaming God and I did that berfore. Now I know what it mean. Well I wouldn't wanna blame God anytmore coz to me blaming God is blaming our own Father and whnever there's someone lame my father, I will get angry. This is the exact same thing. Latime I never Treated God this way. I always think that he is the type who is so great and the Almighty and can do anything but now I know what it really means And who make me see thing\s like that? Who ese? My babies friends and him.
Now I really love this Christian life but I really need to start reading the bible. But always cannot. LOL! Well, takes time ler. Okie ler.. Wanna ciao. But also so boring now.
bye bye..

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