Thursday, April 14, 2005

Nice date!! Samara!(ring 2) Go watch it.

Well. well well. Yesterday was not bad at all actually. Hee hee. Though we had some arguments, but Ahhh, wat the heck? I don't care. Everything went smoothly. It really went smoothly. LOL!He hug me like he don't want to let me go. And he kiss me so many times. Ahahahahaha. FOR THE 1ST TIME~~~~.LOL! Anyway, well, I really love this baby of mine. Although he is a bit sensitive and I can't talk to him in msn, but he is still a boyfriend that I always wish and also hoped for. (Hopefully his mom and sis likes me. Not so sure how his brother thinks about me).
Anyway, ooooooooooo, my sis is back. Lol,did I tell you about my sister and him? Lol!They tottally can click and well, ahahahahahahaha, they all so funny. Happy to know that too. Yesterday i park my car in front of his apartment and we have the moments like that day on monday again. So romantic. He said to me how nice if my car rooftop can open then can see stars. Ahahahahaha. I wish that too baby. I wanna see it with you. But actually the most I wanna see is fireworks with my baby. I love u more than words can say baby. Nothing much to write anymore. Oh, and we watch Samara(the ring 2) DEN DEN DEN!! But it was not scary. Ring 1 scarier. Lol. Ahahahaha. Okie ler.. Feel like playing gb. LOL. But my gb got something wrong.ROAR!!!!

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