Sunday, April 24, 2005

Love Story Chapter 12

Lecture in Jamie's class. She is not even paying any attention on what the teacher is saying.
Jamie thinking : Was I mean to him just now?
Then all of a sudden, Jamie's teacher...
Jamie's teacher : Jamie!
Jamie was shocked.
Jamie : Huh? Yes?
Jamie's teacher : Can you answer me question number 12?
Jamie : Oh, um, sure.
She stand up and wanted to answer the questions, but she stare at the board blankly.
Jamie : Um, teacher, you didn't teach us this chapter yet.
Jamie's teacher
shouting : What do you mean I never teach you!? What were you doing?
day dreaming?
Jamie thinking :You can say that. Oh no.
Jamie's teacher : You stay back after class.
Jamie thinking : Great. I'm staying back and gonna be the talk of the class.
Jamie look around her class and everyone was whispering to one another. This is just not her day. First was Cal telling his great news and now was this. But she won't get into this mess if she don't think so much about Cal. Again, Cal, the thought of him again.
Jamie thinking : Get out of my brain Cal. GET OUT!!!GET OUT!!!
Kringg!!! Bell rang. Finish class. But sadly Jamie got to stay back after class.
Jamie's teacher : Jamie, come here.
Jamie swallowed her saliva and walk to her teacher. As soon as she reach there...Jamie...
Jamie : I'm so sorry sir. I...
Jamie's teacher : Keep quiet and sit down.
Jamie thinking : Sigh. I wouldn't want too.
Jamie sit down and put her hands on her tigh. She sit down quietly observing her teacher's expression. But it is hard.
Jamie's teacher : So, let me see Jamie. I think your reputation is going down. What is
happening to you? You use to pay attention in class and what happen
today is a shock to the whole class and not to mention me too. Tell me,
are you having and hard times in your family or any problems at all?
Jamie : No. I don't have any problems. Just that...
Jamie stop herself. She can't exactly say that she have problems with a guy right? Thats not even a good reason.
Jamie's teacher : Um, go on.
Jamie : Oh sorry. Um, nothing....just tired that's all.
Jamie thinking : Lame answer Jamie. Just so totally lame. Now I'm screwed.
Jamie's teacher : That's not an excuse Jamie.
Jamie : I know sir, but um, just that I got a lot of homeworks lately and I didn't
get enough sleep lately. So I can't really pay attention. I'm so sorry. I know
it is not a good reason but I can assure you that it won't happen again.
Jamie's teacher : Are you sure you can assure me?
Jamie thinking : Oh great. But why can't I assure him that it won't happen again?
Jamie's teacher : What will happen if it happen again?
Jamie : Um, don't worry sir,. That time, you can call my parents.
Jamie's teacher : Okay. Deal. But please don't do it again.
Jamie : I won't.
Then Jamie look at the corner of her eyes. Someone was standing there. She look fully. And she saw Cal was outside her class. She look at his eyes and saw hurt expression in his eyes.
Jamie thinking : Why he look so sad? Oh, must be something about Melanie and he is
coming to me to ask help. For sure.
Jamie's teacher : Okay, you may go.
Jamie : Thanks sir. See you tommorrow.
Jamie's teacher : Remember to go back and study that chapter since you weren't paying
Jamie : I will.
Jamie waved to her teacher and went out. She saw Cal and she stopped walking. She somehow just wanted to walk away and leave him there. But that is going to be very mean. And she knows that she means something to him...
Jamie thinking ; Maybe not anymore since Melanie is all he can think of.
Then Cal walk towards her.
Cal : What's that all about?
Jamie : What?
Cal : That. Your teacher. About you staying back?
Jamie : I just need lectures and you don't need to know and care so much.
Cal : How could you say that Jamie. I care for you coz I...
Then Cal stop. Jamie look at him. There's something that he wanted to tell her but he just can't at the moment.
Jamie : Because you what?
Cal ; Because I...I can't lose you as a friend.
Jamie : Hmm, as a friend? a friend huh?
Cal : Well what else you want? As a girlfriend?
Jamie thinking : I wish.
Jamie : I wish I can have a boyfriend but yoy know what? I will never get one
with my attitude like that.
Cal : Like what?
Jamie : A bookworm freak like what you always think me as.
Cal : Hey Jamie. I don't think you as someone like that. How could you say
Jamie :Look, I'm very tired Cal. I gotta go.
Cal grab her hand...push her towards his chest and hug her tightly like not letting her go.
Jamie was shocked.
Jamie thinking : What is he doing? What if Melanie saw him hugging me?
Jamie :Um, Cal? What are you doing?
Cal whispering : I don't know. But all I know is that I don't know what has gotten in to you.
And I don't wanna lose you as a friend. You are a special girl that changed
my life.
Then Cal stop hugging her but still holding her.
Cal :If I lose you, I'll be losing someone special. It is like my life is not complete.
Jamie : Why are you saying all this to me? Aren't you suppose to say it to your
Cal : That's the problem. I don't feel that way.
Jamie :
Cal close her lips with his second finger.
Cal : Shh! You don't need to say anything. I just don't want you to ignore me
Jamie ; Was I ignoring you? I'm sorry.
Cal : No Jamie. You are not the one suppose to say sorry. It is me. I know I did
a lot of things that hurt you. And I never realise it. But I want to make sure
one thing.
Jamie :What is that?
Cal : Do you have feelings towards me?
All of a sudden, Jamie felt so stun. Why is he asking this quesiton to her?
Jamie thinking : How does he know? Does he have six sense? How am I going to answer
him? He looks serious by the way.
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