Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Happy Happy!

Wondering why I put that up there? Coz I'm so bluddy happy. Ahahahaha! Yesterday me and Chris almost broke up and my sister talk somethings to him and well we are back together again! Ahahahaha. That's why I'm so happy now. It looks like this relationship, I mean the new one, is going to turns out pratically well. I can say that I didn't think much about our relationship anymore. No more hurts and painess like the previous one.
Maybe I feel it this way is because everything that we talk about yesterday on the phone is settled. Settled and there's nothing to think about anymore. Hmmm, ther's one thing I need to think and that's the telephone bill!! Argh!! I know I got to pay up my dad. But I don't know how much. Feel like crying. Haih. Anyway, talk to him yestrday until I cannot wake up for the bus. Ahahahaha. He somemore send me sms telling me to come faster. Ahahahahaha. I also not yet wake up. Then when I wake up, I striaght away take the my hp and open the message and that time was alrady 8.10a.m. ahahahahaha. I become supergirl also I cannot reach in time ler.Anyway, all I wanna say is, I don't want this relationship to end anymore. Take it slow, get to know each other and set his priorities right. I love him so much that no one can eer tak ehim away from me. Of coz we take things slow but still got the lovey dovey thingie ler.. Ahahahaha. Okie ler.. bye bye!! So happy!! Love you so much my baby! Muakzzzzz!!!

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