Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dissapointment from my baby. CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

Not to say that I don't understand anything about him. I understand and he was like you know, telling me that we ARE GONNA GO OUT THIS COMING SATURDAY WHICH IS TODAY! So sure of it. And the only thing that I wanted him to go back early yesterday so that I can see him today but NO!I was fucking wrong. I called him and thaught of going out with him. And hello, it is a Satuday night. What the hell?
Dahlah. Everyone I know is like going out and have fun but not me. I'm just gonna go out with my sister and her boyfriend seeing her and her bf playing snooker and what am I suppose to do there? Watch? Without anyone there to talk too. This Saturday night is ruin. Definitely. I can already picture it. I was looking so forward to it. And now, thanks to him. What? He thinks he can just ask me to call someone else out just to go out? You think I love to spend time with all my other friends rather spending time with my own precious one? I really don't understand him AT ALL! NO MORE!
Better if I just go clubbing and meet other guys la. If that's what he really wants because I can't take it anymore. What the heck? Don't he understand anything by now? I love to spend time with him not with other people. I want to have some moments spending tome with him but what is he thinking? He thinks that I wanna go out with other people. At least jsut go out? NO! I just want to spend time with him. Am I asking much? I can garuntee on Monday he is totally going to ignore me. See la. I know.
So pissed off right now. ARGH!!!!!! Where got such boyfriend don't feel like going out. He is not even willing to go out with me. He is willing to serve God but not willing to go out with me. Hello, I am tired too but I still got time for him. Why doesn't he have time for me? I'm so hurt feeling pain in the inside now. Yesterday he tells me a dierent thing and now he is acting a diferent thing. EEEEISH!!
I let him go off early coz he told me he is willing to spent time wiht me when he has the time. And he is not doing it today. And 4 goodness sake it is a SATURDAY!!!! What the heck? He knows it means alot o things to me and why can't he understands that he means something to me too? Meaning that I wanan spent time with him not anyone else. ARGH!! Kek sei ngor ar!!!! ROAR!!!! Fuck man. So damn pissed. So damn bored!!
Haih, please la, why the heck he still don understand what I really want in this relationship? Why he still wants me to go and call some other guy to go out when that day means something to me? He don't care is it that I call someone else to go out with me? He want me to leave him is it? He wants other guys to get the opportunity to go out with me and tackle me? Is that what he wants? I already promise him I don't want that and he is acting this way. Fine. I don't know what am I gonna do tonight. Hopefully I'm still lalive and I'm fine. Bye bye people. Still can't believe it. So dissapointing. Really feel like I should just.......................................

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Kat said...

Ask you to call someone else doesn't mean to call a guy right? What's on your mind? Boring post with many words though..