Thursday, March 31, 2005

Love Stpry Chapter 7

At last, Cal and Jamie are bestfriends and Jamie always tried to make Cal's bad habit to go away. Cal is trying very hard. And with Jamie always with Cal, this makes Melanie gets suspicious with Cal and Jamie always together. This scene is where Melanie wanted to find where is Cal.
Melanie : I wonder where is he? Don't tell me he is with that Jamie girl
Then Melanie saw Cal with Jamie. AGAIN! She was so pissed. She can't keep him making her feel like this.
thinking :He is going to answer me straight away. Who is more important.
Me or her?
Then Melanie just went striaght to them Cal and Jamie were laughing until when Melanie approach them, with an angry look on her face, Cal and Jamie stop talking. Cal knew there was something wrong with her.
Cal : Baby? What's wrong?
Jamie : Baby?
Cal was about to answer Jamie but Melanie cuts him off.
Melanie : Yes, he is my baby. My dalring and my sweety okay? And I wanna
ask you one question, are you trying to steal him away from me?
A shock of expression was shown on Jamie's face. Cal look at Jamie and turn back to Melanie and said...
Cal : What is the matter with you Melanie.
Melanie turn to Cal and said...
Melanie : Can't you see that she is stealing you away from me? And can't
you see that you and me aren't that close anymore? And it is all
because of this bluddy bitch.
Jamie eyes grew wider. Cal can't take it anymore...
Cal : Jamie, plese wait here for awhile.
Melanie : No, leave!!
Cal : Shut up Melanie. You are coming with me
Cal pull Melanie grabbing her arm .
Melanie : OUCH!!Let me go!
Finally, Cal let her go.
Cal shout : What the fuck is wrong with you?! She is my bestfriend. Can't you
understand that?!
Melanie : Well I don't think that you and her are spending time with each
other just as bestfriends. It is like you guys are more than that.
Cal : Look Melanie. You are my girlfriend okay? She is just my
bestfriend. There are 2 different things okay? And of course you
are more special than her.
Melanie : Then why is she so shock when you called me baby back there?
Cal : Coz she didn't know that I have a girlfriend.
Melanie : What? She didn't know? You never tell her? Why didn't you tell
Cal : I was about too tell her today but you came.
Melanie : Well you always spent time with her why only today you wanna
tell her?
Cal : Look, I don't have the time to be talking about this okay? When
class is over, I'll call you and we discuss it okay? Let's go and have
our lunch.
Cal hold Melanie's hand but Melanie struggle and take away her hand from Cal.
Melanie : I want to settle it now.
Cal shout : Melanie, can you stop to be a pain in da' ass?! Okie? Jamie is
outside waiting okay? We just need to give ourselves sometime to
cool off and..
Melanie : Jamie. Jamie again. Always Jamiex3! I'm going insane with her
Cal : Look are you jealous or something?
shout : Of course I am! Of course I am jealous! You are spending time
with her more than me and when I asked you to go out with me on
weekends you said you have plans with her. And when I called
your house phone, it is engaged and I have to call your
handphone and when I asked you who is on the line? You said
you and Jamie. And the worst part is, you called her instead of
me. Now I wanna ask you.Who is more important? She or me?
Cal can just sigh.
Cal : Common Melanie. Please don't do this. Okay? Can we just go and
have our break and we can discuss this...
Melanie : It's her isn't it?
Cal : What?
Melanie ; The person who is important to you is her right? Am I right?
Cal : Melanie, sigh, I don't know okay? I jsut don't know anything now.
I mean I'm having a headache now with this problem of ours.
Melanie : Okie then. Let's have a break.
Cal : Yeah, that's a good way. Then later we can discuss our...
Melanie : No Cal.
Cal : Huh? What no?
Melanie : What I meant was, a break from us. You and me stop seeing each
other for sometime.
Cal : What? Melanie, are you trying to say that you wanna break up
Melanie : Not really a break up. Just a break. I'll come to you when I'm all
cool. Bye.
Then Melanie gave a quick kiss on Cal's cheek and went off. She was of course crying. Cal was so stunt. He couldn't believe that he is just standing there not chasing her. So he turn around and then he saw someone there.
Cal : Jamie?
Set By
- Jessica Tan -

A poem 4 my dear which doesn't rhyme

I face another break up,
but I was not sad,
coz I found out,
that another guy loves me

He is not like,
some other useless guy,
a guy that I never thaught,
that I could be with.

Sometimes I wonder,
will he like me?
And it was just a miracle,
that he likes me too.

I didn't know,
that he loves me too,
I didn't know,
that he will love me too.

When he told me,
that he felt the same way,
my hearts beats faster,
and I wanted to jump up on the sky.

Sometimes I feel so lucky,
Feel so lucky to have him,
Sometimes I don't feel so lucky,
don't feel so lucky to have him.

But then,
I know that I made this decision,
and with this decision I make,
I'll stick with it.

This decision,
is not a force.
this decision,
is from my heart.

I really love Chris,
I really love him,
witih all my heart,
and with all my soul.

I know that,
he can't make me,
that happy,
like any other girls.

But got once,
that I told him,
that I didn't expect much,
didn't expect much from him.

But of course,
I really wish that,
he can make me happy,
like all the other girls wish for.

I met him by Tunku,
And I thank Tunku for that,
for letting me,
knowing this guy.

It is such a miracle,
to getto know this guy
But i know one thing,
and that is God brought him to me.

He is my lover,
he is my baby,
he is my dear,
he is my everything.

He is my guardian,
he is my angel,
he is my darling,
and he is the ONLY 1 for me.

He is my light,
when I'm in darkness,
He gives me strenght,
when I'm down.

He pick me up,
when I'm out of reach,
he give me wings,
to make me fly.

He motivares me,
in every single way,
that's why i like him,
that's I love him.

He is so much,
different from other guys,
and that's what I'm so sure,
he don't judge a book by it's cover.

God has sent him to me,
to be my angel,
and to be my guardian,
and I'm gonna treasure it.

No matter what happens,
eathquake, tsunami,
the world dies,
nothing can separate us.

I've learnt so many things.
So much things indeed,
things that made me confuse,
and I can see it clearly now.

Things that are not meant to be,
just let it be,
and when it is meant to be,
let it be.

Always beleive in yourself,
and I will always belive in you,
I lost so many hope in God,
but easter day made me wake up again.

That message from God,
really touched me thatday,
and I still remember it,
I will remember it forever.

I think I've already,
have a perfect song for my darling,
and also for me,
and it is called fairy tales.

If I know the whole meaning of the song,
I'm sure,
that I can make a better story,
for my illustration class.

Now, I have a meaningful,
and memorable moments,
with the person I love,
with the person I cherish.

I know we are gonna have,
a lot of trouble and tough times,
but if trust and understanding is there,
there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

I always follow my heart,
I will always listen to it,
I know that my heart is telling me,
a message from God.

Now I and Chris,
are together,
I will never regret,
the decision I made.

I'm gonna stop,
writing now,
kinda sleepy,
and got to go.

I love you so much,
my baby,
my darling,
my everything.

Just a make a promise,
a simple promise to me,
that nothing and i mean nothing,
can ever break us apart.

I will never leave you,
hope you feel the same,
and hope that we can last,
forever and ever.

I want you and me,
to be like Tong hua,
in the song,
the girl and the guy.

But I don't want,
anyone to die,
I just wanna end the story,
with a happy ending.

We are halfway there sweety,
promise me this,
and I know you are the one,
the one I will not let go.

Please beleive in me,
and never think of me,
in a bad way,
for you love me.

Love you always dear,
with all my heart,
love you so much,
more than words can say.

I love you my dear,
Christopher Choong Yao Qi,
I love you so much,
I can't stop saying it.

I love you my angel,
I love youi deeply within my heart,
Always will,
and always do.

Okie, bye bye...gotta go ZZzzZzZzZzZzZzZ!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hehe. Just finish my computer graphics class and at last, I finally got something to approve and yay, my main subject is a monkey. LOL! Jacky is a monkey too and when he heard that, he laughed. Lol.
Anyway, my lecturer is still here. Ahahahaha! But my class ended already so? Nevermind la. What the heck? So tired ler this 2 days. TORTURE! Wondering what my darling is doing now. Is he thinking of me? Buahahaha!!
If he's not thingking of me ar, I box him. Wahhh!! I so ganas. Lol.Sure he got think of me la. Huehuehue, just now my lecturer go and check my work on the computer. Don't know whether my work okay or not.Ahahahaha! Anyway, nothing to write. Just wanna tell my darling I miss him so much.
Oh yeah, and I want to be honest too. Bryan message me in email. Coz before I coupled up with my darling, I liked him and i send an email for him. Now he send me back saying that he is not flirting neither does he have a girlfriend. But you see, if I waited for him, I sure have feelings for him even now but I don't have. Like what I said, I want my relationship to be the last and the only last one. Someone don't hurt me so much. Of course he can't give me what all girls wants but as long as I have him and he treasure me with all his heart, that is enough. Chris is the last guy I ever want to be with. I don't want to face anymore break ups and neither does he.
I was pretty shocked I admit when Bryan message me back. I thaught he wouldn't wanna give a damn about me anymore. As in the email. when I read it, I didn't know what to reply to him. I didn't want to reply him at first and just 4get about him straight away. But then, I thaught about it last night. Why wouldn't I wanna tell him that I have someone else already? Since this someone is so much more greater and loyal and also can teach me a lot of things and bring me happiness. He also can't spent time with me every saturday so that's why and that's when I know that Bryan is not the right guy for me.
When I say I like someone tha t means, I really like him. I don't go back on my words. I know that some people can just talk things but never show it. Me is different. I love Chris so much. More than words can say and I know that he is everything to me. Of course not like God but other than God, he i s one. The one person that I really wanna follow and be with for the rest of my life. People don't believe in the word forever. Neither do I. I also don't believe in the word forever but why don I believe it now? Coz he have showed me something. What I mean him is God . God have showed me something. He will love us forever no matter what we do. And as I learn, that everyone deserve to have a 2nd chance or a third chance but not so many chances. I know God is giving me a lot of chances and this is the don't know how many chances already and I'm so sorry 4 that.Chris has showed me something too. In return I'm gonna make him realsie that I can bring back his loving heart back to love. He can make me go back to God and I can make him go back to love life.
In this world, without love, we are nothing. We are already dead. And sorry to say but we are gonna go hell. Where do the word love comes from? From the British people they called love, so that's where they come from? TED!!Wrong answer. The word love, comes from the bible. What is the definition of love?What is the real meaning of love? What does love do? Sometimes I just wanna know, that why can't people understand that love got it's goods and bads. Everytime when we are in love, we are gonna be happy if the person accepts you. But is gonna hurt you if the person rejects you. It happen to me all the time. That's why I know. I've been int o so many types of relationship and it is not a waste of time. At least, I know what is love all about now.
For me, in a relationship, we need trust and understanding each other. This two things are important in love life. Love relationship between two people is very hard to make it last long. If they don't have those 2 up there, 3 or 4 years later, they will break up and I'm sure of it. People get married after 1 year of dating but later on, they will get digvorced and that's just so sad. I want to date for I don noe 10 years or 9 years. The longer the better to gain trust in Chris. I know that I'm thinking too far here but I just want people to know that love relationship can hurts you badly and also can make you happy at the same time. To me now, I'm not so happy with my relationship but you know what? I treasure it with all my heart coz he is the best guy I've ever met. Sometimes, I don't understand him but if I and him are closer and always share our problems together, we can be together and I'm gonna treasure it dearly in my heart.
Love relationship doesn't need to be all the time happy. Sometimes we have problems and we need to face it and talk it out to our partner. Anyway, I did that to my sweety.Things gets worst and I almost cried but actually I got the wrong meaning. Lol. But at the end, we settle it up already. So fast and you know why? Trust and understanding is there.
You got to know what you want in love relationship and then go with the person you love. Not the person you think you have a crush on because of his looks or his cleverness. You guys will break up if you go together. No offence to people out there. Okie, better go. Wanna go do something.
As for my story aboiut Bryan, he's out of my life. He is just a friend to me if he wants to be my friend. Coz I don't think we contact anymore.Okie. bye.

Again, tired!

Hi guys. IN COMP LAB NOW.Later after this i wanna go eat. So ungry. Just finish my BM class.And it wasn't any class at all. It was jsut a briefing of our assignments and then got to go to the hall of fame to go and hear a talk on how films was taken. With different type of camera's and movements and so on. AGAIN. Video clips. Cannot tahan liao.
Well I don't mind watching la. But if like for so long, I really cannot stand man. It was so cold too. OMG.!!Freezing inside. Anyway, I suppose to go to the toilet but never go yet. Hee hee. Later I will go. This keyboard is making my hands so tired. I really need to press so hard to type it in. Especially the caps lock.
Anyway, kind of miss my baby. 2days never see him and it is like 2 weeks. Ahahahaha. Cannot live without him. Forgotten to pray yesterday night coz I was too sleepy. Barely can keep my eyes open and sorry God for that. I'll pray later if I'm alone and tonight.Well, this prayer thing is actually kinda cool. Lol, it is like everyday, I can someone I can talk too. Not necessary I got to read the bible everyday, but it is better if i do, but I didn't done it yet. Takes time again for me to build up in my christian life/walk.
Well, as for me, Haha, I will trust God fully in my life and I'm already trusting him fully am I? Lol, onyl people that know me a lot can answer me that question. Okie people, I'll write later during my computer grpahics class if I got the free time coz kinda hungry and need to go to the toilet. Later no time already. Okie bye guys. Love ya baby. Muakz!! God bless everyone!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tired!!! Like shit!

Guess what happened yesterday night? EARTHQUAKEEEE!!! In pj? Lol. That's a good question. Anway, it was cause by the sumatera's eathquake which was at the rate of 8.7. WOAHHH!! Thta's big. And well, it reach over to malaysia since Sumatera isn't that far from our country.
My baby was freaked out coz he felt his apartment was shaking and he called me up at the middle of the night. I was happily playing gb that time. Ahahahaha! Really am a freak in gb.Anyway, he just wrote me a testi saying that he is safwe now. Thanks to God and 4 my prayer. I was really worried about him too.
Anyway, the title I wrote up there is tired like shit because I am tired like shit. Tired until don't wanna do anything right now. During iluustration class today, we are suppose to present our story but eventually a few people only was picked to do the presentation and sadly I was not 1 of them yet. So I got to do it next week which I'm so pissed at . When I really wanna do something, I can't get to do it. When I don't want to do the assignment, I can get to do it. Suk man! Anyway, after some people already present, we are suppose to have a break and after the break, we suppose to watch a video clip on how to draw animation. And it was from the master of the artist that was involve in Waltz Disney.
It wasn't any difference at all and that what pissed me off and made me so tired and sleepy at the same time. It was like a hell today in class. I didn't get enough sleep due to the earthquake news and got to stay back until 7.00 p.m today and reach home at 8.45 and ate at that time. So tired. AND HUNGry!!Anyways, the method that my lecturer thought us is no difference from the guy on the tv. So that's why I was thinking why must we see this over and over again. It is okay at first but really, my eyes can't open up any wider and my eyes was so heavy. Wanted to close any minute and I can't sleep coz I was sitting in front. Only when the lecturer went out I slept but didn't sleep well coz I can't sleep also la. It wasn't comfortable also. On a stool. And that stool is so high up. If I sleep, I will become an old lady liao ler.
Anyway, now I'm back and so relieved. Hate tuesdays. So tiring. And well, now I missing someone and that is my baby. HEE HEE. Thinking of him can make me smile back lor. Anyway, I wanna go play my gb. Later after playing, go sleep 4 2 hours then wake up do some research and sketches then go sleep and that's the end of the day for my sukie day and that's TUESDAY!
Ciao guys!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Love Story Chapter 6

Cal :Bye darling.Love you.
Melanie : I'll see you after class right?
Cal : Yeah, sure.
Melanie : Good. Bye.
It was the starting of Monday and Cal wasn't even interested in talking with his own girlfriend. He is not even sure whether is he really in love with this girl anymore. It seems that he is startling to fall for Jamie, a...
Voice : Yes?
Cal was shock. But luckily it was not Jamie.It was just one of his friend.
Cal : Oh, it is just you.
Cal's friend: WHta do you mean it is just me?
Cal : Sorry, I was just thinking about something. Remember
that girl I was talking to you about?
Cal's friend: Yeah, what about her?
Cal : I, err, kinda....erm..
Cal's friend: Oh no..Don't tel me...
Cal just nodded his head.
Cal's friend: Are you serious or are you just playing around?
Cal : I don't know man. I mean, I totally don't have any
feelings to Melanie anymore. I mean,it is just so
boring with Melanie.I mean, it is like I wanna see
Jamie everyday. I kinda miss...
Cal's friend: WOAH, hold it there. You are totalyl in love with a..
Cal : Look, I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. I just don't
know anything now.
Then cal's friend saw Jamie and he knock Cal's body with his elbow.Cal look at him and his friend gave him a signal saying that Jamie is there. Cal turn and see. He saw Jamie all right, and he is very happy seeing her. It is like his heart beats faster.
Cal's friend: Go talk to her man.
Cal : No way man. Are you crazy.
Cal's friend: Oh, okie, I get it.
Cal look at the friend. The friend was looking at Cal with a strange look.
Cal : What?
Cal's friend: Nothing. I just know that you are totally in love
with this girl.But I'm telling you something. You just
love this girl and p[laying with her heart, so just
forget about it dude.
Cal : No, I'm not playing with her heart. Who say that I
Cal's friend: You sure you are not? You promise that you really
really love this girl with all your heart?
Cal : Yes, I really love her.
Cal's friend: There, you made your decision. You make it so clear.
So pick one Cal.You can't have both.
Cal : I know. But it is just so hard to pick.
Cal's friend: Don't make any decision now Cal.Of course it is hard.
Go back and then think it over.No one is asking you to
think about it now.Okie, dude. I gotta run. See you at
recess time. Since you have no class now, go and talk
to her while you still can.Hehe.
Cal : You go run along now.
Cal's friend: Okie, bye.
Then Cal, without thinking twice, he just walk to her.She was at her locker tydying her stuff. Cal stand at the back of her again.
Cal : Um, need any help?
Jamie turn and look around. It was Cal, and after she knew is was him, she look away and continue doing her things again like the previous time before.
Cal :Jamie, I'm..sigh....I'm sorry. I know it doesn't mean
anything to you but I really dont know how else can I
do to make you forgive me. I'm out of ways.
Jamie turn and look at him. At lwast she has a small smile at the side of her lips.
Cal thinking:Maybe, I said something that satisfies her.
Jamie : You just need to think of a way. I won't tell you.
She close her locker and wanted to go. The suddenly, she heard people talking and everything.she stop walking and turn around.
Jamie : GASP!!!
She saw that Cal was actually on his knees.She quickly went there.
Jamie : What are you doing? Get up!
Cal : Jamie, I told I was out of ways. I can't think
anymore. Please never leave me. Please stop avoiding
Jamie : Okay, okay. Please stand up. Don't do this please.
The Jamie help him up.Cal hold her hand after that. That make Jamie didn't want to turn away.
Cal : Jamie, will you forgive me?
Jamie look up at him and she nodded.
Set By
- Jessica Tan -

Touching(All againts Hope)

Me and my sis nearly cried today in church. It was just so touching and I really know what it means about God. I love him so much and I'm going to follow God's word. I understand now. I understand everything. For the first time in my life that I really heard and interested with all my heart that I wanan hear God's word.
Today is Easter day. The day where Jesus had risen from the dead. He is the only one that can do the impossible and conquer death. No one and I mean it, no one can ever do that. Or can say that nothing or no one had ever done that. Now I know, that I have a God that loves me so much. Loves me with all his heart that he gave his only son Jesus to die for us on the cross for our sins. It is just so stupid to think back that I actually blame God for everything and like what my baby said. Everything happens for a reason and I know that everything happens for a reason.
Today, my church, my uncle which is a pastor, was talking about All Against Hope. It is something about losing hope. I was once that. Actually. not once but a lot of time. I did lose a lot of hope and always blame God or Jesus. I do believe in God and I do believe in everything that he does for us is good and if bad things happened, it will sure happens for a reason. And whenever we have problems we always turns to our friends. Yes, sometimes we thaought that we have friends but nothing can compare to God. No one can listen better than God.
Sometimes, we thaught that we have friends. Yes, they do help us in everthing we need help but when something occur, some serious problems involve death or something that they can do to help but they are just afraid to help, you will actually find out that you don't have a TRUE friend.
Whatever the my uncle said this morning in church, really do make sense.And the only person that we can turn to is God. God listens. God is a good listener. And he never do blame us if we blame him in everything because he is our father, and he loves us just like how we love our parents. When we are out of hope, just think back to God, and always pray and talk to him. That way, we can have a closer relationship with God.
I know that I wasn't like this before when I met my sweety but I know that I have to accpet God in my life. He is openning his heart out to reach me for a long time and it is me jsut who didn't want to believe and accepted me. Now I understand clearly after today about that God's word. I felt that Jesus or God touching me and said that he forgive me.
Tonight, I'm going to pray for my relationship with my baby to God. I'm going to let this relationship be in God's hands, I know that God will lead everything and I know that he approves this relationship and I won't regret anything. I know my baby feels the same way. I know he loves me and I know that God will bless with this relationship. I want it to be the last one and not again breaking up and all those stuff. That suks to the max! I can't promise people that I can stop saying all this bad words. But just wait la. Who knows? People change. Okie, gotta ciao. Kinda miss my darling. Never talk and see him for the whole day. Hopefully later he will come online. I'm kinda sleepy too. Ahahahaha! Okie, ciao. Play my gunbound 1st la. Hopefully it is working. Take care and God bless. Bye!!!
Today so tiring. And yesterday I went to my baby's church. It didn't really touch me. Only some parts. I really hope that I can be a strong christian like him and I'm trying to change myslef to be more like my baby.And of course I need help from him, my family and God.
Today I went to KLCC and around KLCC to take pictures for my photography same as my baby.And at last, I have his picture liao. WOO HOO!!Then when we went and eat, we talk about my background in christian life. I was sad at the same time angry. Angry coz I dont want people to say that I'm low in christianity which I'm not. Just a little but I can build up. Sad because my baby didn't trust me fully. But like what I said, I give him time. He said he will tryust me later on. I know he can do it and I will put my faith in him.Like how christian's put their faith in God.
I love Him, the God our Father and I love my baby. I jsut need time. Please give me time dear. I'm really trying my best. In the mean time, don't worry so much in this. Like you said in your blog, God must have approve the relationship so there's nothing to be worry about. Let everything be in God's hands I will not blame anymore. Just go with the flow. My heart saying it and I can trust. Maybe God is trying to tell me something and I feel it in my heart. I just need to pray hard so I can hae a spiritualy connection or relatiomship with God.Everyone who is my fwens who are christian, please give me time. Expecially my baby. Give me time. I will change myself and I noe i will one day.So don't need to worry.. Ahahahaha..
Suppose to go out with him again later to watch Hitch. Don't know where is he. Maybe still sleeping. Ahahahaha...Okie..ciao...I wanna go see my picture.Bye people

Me and baby. Don't look at me. I'm so ugly. Look at my dear. I cannot smile wan. I look so stupid in a way. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

Tong hua(Fairy tales)

I'm gonna write a story about tong hua. In mandarin it means fairy tales. But I don't really understand the meaning about the whole video clip. Anyway, ah what the heck, just. Okie, let me see.
I will write...hmm, let's see. There's this guy name Chris who is not a very rich fella. Just an average person have a girlfriend name Jessie. He treasure her a lot like what other couples do. In my story, I'm not sure whether the video clip is like what I'm gonna write but I will create it. Okie, here goes.
Jessie really wants him to learn this song name fairy tales. It means a lot to her.So she teach him. But he keeps on playing it wrong in the piano. So he keeps on practicing until one day he got it perfect and wanted to perform on stage but before he perform on stage, he wants to perform it to her 1st.But eventually she had this sickness and she fainted to even hear him play.So Chris broughT Jessie to the hospital.So check out this fabolous love story and see whether is it a fairy tale that she can stand to live just to hear him perform or see him perform expecially for her?
That is my sypnosis. Ahahaha..okie...ciao....ahahaha...nite nite...and bye bye.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Wonderful night

Yesterday night was like a moment that I will never forget. Me and Chris went out. Our first real date. I will cherish every single moment we did yesterday. He was so sweet. He dresses nicely. And we went and meet Reney. Foong Wan.Ahahahaha... Don't know how to call her liao. Anyway, we went and see her in 1 Utama and it was like so funny. He already see one of my friends. Ahahahaha, I need to see his friends one day. Which is I don't know when. Lol. And then we go walk walk around 1 Utama and he hold my hand like what couples do. Ahahaha, he made the 1st move and that's what makes me so proud of him!!!!! Omg, so love him until cannot tahan liao.
And then after that we said bye bye to Foong Wan coz got to go oledi and then go to sunway. We go and get the tickets and then go frink root beer. Ahahahaha...So nice ler the root beer. Feel like drinking it now. LOL!! And then after that go n buy popcorn and mineral water and wenr inside the cinema to watch robots!
Whoever never watch robots, must go and watch. It is damn funny. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Chris and me was like laughing there like 1 crazy couple. Ahahahaha. Anyway, I hugged him like what couples always do. So nice to lean on him. Almost wanted to sleep on his shoulder liao. I love his chest, and his whole body. I just love every single thing of him. Sometimes I feel like I don't wanna let him go. Hug him and don't want to let him go.TIE HIM UP!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Nah, I'm not that bad.
Then after that, we go and yarm char. And it was raining. So cold!! Lol. He sit so near me holding my hand. Ahahahaha. So love him. Then we talk about what we like and dislikes. It looks like I got to ask more and more information about him through him and need to observe him more.
Then after that, I fetch him home. And that's where I got my first kiss from him. But it was only a kiss on the cheek. Lol. He said to me today that he will upgrade. Ahahahaha. Later. Lol. Well, I don't mind. At least, it is still a kiss. Lol. Then today somemore go out with him go and eat lunch. Lol. Really can't live without him and God man. To me, if I don't see him 4 like 1 day, I feel so lonely, sad and feel like dieing liao. But cannot. I must live for God!!! I don't wanna take my life 4 granted anymore like what I did lastime. Always thinking to die and die. Chris thaught me a lot of things and that's what makes me love him so so so much. He is just the right guy I always wanted. And I believe that God was the one sent him to me. So that Chris can teach me to follow God. This is what I think but I'm not so sure. But ah, what the heck. I love God with all my heart. I'm starting to thank God so much. And I love Chris with alll my heart too.
I hope Chris knows that I love him so so so much. Please know that I will try my best never to leave you. I don't wanna face another broken relationship anymore. Coz that sucks to everyone and of coz to me and you Chris. But Chris, I can promise you one thing. If you are a person that I can trust and treat me good then I will never leave you no matter what. Okie, gotta go now. Write so much oledi. Don't know what I'm writing anyyway. Oh yeah, I got my 2nd kiss from him today. Ahahahahaha. Tomorrow cannot get to see him. AWWWW, so angry and sad. But nevermind la. Just got to wait for tuesday. Okie, got to ciao liao. Bye bye. Love ya so much Chris. God bless all of ya. Muakzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! Love ya with all my heart. Always do and always will!!!!

Love story chapter 5

The next day, Cal was trying to find Jamie. He felt so bad after scolding her. After a few minutes later, she saw Jamie at her locker.
Cal thinking : Perfect!
Then Cal went there. He was standing behind Jamie. Jamie realise that there's someone standing behind just that she don't know who is that, so she turn. After she saw that Cal was the one standing behind her, she just ignore him and continue doing whatever she was doing. She was tydying up her stuff.
Cal : Um, Jamie can I talk to you for ahwhile?
Jamie didn't say anything. Instead she was just continue doing whatever she was doing.
Cal : Um, Jamie, did you hear what I said?
Jamie still ignore him. She didn't even wanna look at him. Not even a glance of him.
Cal shout : Jamie enough okay?!
With that, Jamie slammed her locker door and turn and wanted to start walking but Cal stop her by grabbing her hand.
Cal : Sorry. Jamie, look I'm sorry. Jamie, please li..
Then he see her face.It was wattery.
Cal : Jamie? Why are you.........................crying?
Jamie rub away her tears.
Jamie : Nothing.
Cal knew that there's something going on. Something is wrong.
Cal : Jamie, what is wrong. Please tell me.
Jamie look up at him.
Jamie : I thaught that you don't need me anymore.
Cal : I didn't really mean it Jamie. I was just angry.
Jamie : So when you are angry then you will say things that you don't know huh?
Cal : I'm sorry. Really. I am.
Jamie : Sorry is just a word Cal. If the word 'sorry' really do exist, police station
don't need to open. I wanna ask you something. Like, if the robber get
caught, and he gave everything back to the owner and said 'sorry', will
the owner will just let him go? No right? Sorry is just a word. A word
that is useless to me
Cal :Then what you want me to do? Beg you?
Jamie : Actions speak louder than words. I gotta go now. Don't grab my hand.
Then, with that, she walk away leaving Cal standing there all alone.Cal was still trying to figure what he can do to make her forgive him fully.
Cal thinking : Why am I keep on thinking about her? Why is it that I'm always worrying
about her. No, I can't. She is just a friend. A friend? Hmmm, I don't like
to make friends with bookworms. AHHHHH!! This sucks.!!
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Friday, March 18, 2005

Chris! I love ya so much...Cannot control liao..sei mou?

Hi all. So damn TOOTING boring now. Cannot play my gunbound. Cannot go out yarm char yet. Got to wait until 11 then only can go. There, that Jeremy la. Anyway, the title up there.. ahahaha...Just put for fun. And also means it a lot. Actually I didn;t want to put that title up but all of a sudden, tong hua song played so I remembered HIM! and who is him? Chris lor of course.
Right now, he is not at home. He is at his cell home meeting. And miss him so so so so much. Hope he miss me when he comes home. Ahahaha. And hopefully I have the car tomorrow so that I can go out with him. OMG! I'm starting to love him already ler with all my heart. Haih. Getting a little serious here. Well, cannot help it la.. This type of feeling really comes naturally wan la. Cannot stop it from coming also la.
Anyway, wanna go out and yarm char oledi. Soon that is... Ahahahaha. I take a long time to write my blog coz I've been repeating tong hua song 3 times already. It's kinda funny coz normally when I fall in love with a song, I will get bored of it after I know the lyrics and after I know how to play it in the keyboard. But this song, I never get tired anf bored of it. I'm just too obssessed to it I guess.
I love him so much. Ahahahaha. Chris ar Chris. Habis la. Totally love you until going so crazy each and everyday. Maybe you were right about the sickness I have. Lovesick and all because of U!!! ahahahaha...Not to say I blame you for that coz you never did anything wrong. Infact, you didn't do anything. Ahahaha. Anyway. this is the forth time hearing the song liao ler. Ahahaha. Okie ler. better stop writing. Going crazy ar . ROAR!! Okie ciao guys. God bless all of ya k? Muakkzzz u my so called dear. Ciao!

Love story Chapter 4

Cal's friends: Hey hurry up man!
Cal : Could you guys just wait for while?
Cal and his friends suppose hang out at their usual place where they love to disturb people. This is one of Cal's favourite thing to do. At last, they reach there.
Cal :This is it. Prepare yourself.
Friends : Yeah.We are more than prepared.
Then there's this guy, walking out towards the college exit front entrance door and.......
Cal : NOW!!!
Then Cal's friends pour out red paint all over that poor guy.
Cal friends : Let's get out of here man..
Then they ran off. Someone saw what they had done. It was Jamie. And she really can't believe that she just mix with someone that she don't want to see and mix with anymore. At Cal's side, they were laughing their ass out.
Cal :You sure he didn't see our faces right?
Cal's friends :Don't worry. The coast is clear.
Cal : Ahahaha! Did you see the look on his face? Like a stupid
fucking loser.
Cal's friends : Ahh, all bookworms are like that.
Cal : Let's do it again nextweek.
Cal's friends : Yeah, and this time it is you who will get the red paint.
Cal : Alright, alright. I'll get it this time then. Quit whining.
Then few minutes later, Cal went home. He called up his girlfriend and asked her how was her day and everything. And she told her about his adventure.
Melanie : Well, what's new babe? You always do that.
Cal : Yeah, wish I could record it and show it to you.
Melanie : Haha, well you are going to do it again so record it that time
Cal : Yeah, I will.
Melanie : Okie dear, I gotta go now. I wanna go and so my stupid
bluddy homework.
Cal : Oh no.
Melanie : What?
Cal : You are becoming a bookworm.
Melanie : Really?
Cal : Nah, I'm just joking.
Melanie :That's not funny okay?
Cal : Ahaha! Alright. I'll see you tomorrow.
Melanie : Okie. Bye sweety. Love ya.
Cal : Love ya too. Muakzzz!!
Melanie : Muakzz!
Then he hang up. Cal felt so hot then he went up to take a bath. When he was in the shower, he keep on remembering about Jamie.
Cal thingking :Kinda think about it, I never did asked her to go out with her
at all. I must try to ask her out one day. Hmm, maybe
tomorrow I can asked her. Yeah, I'll think I'll ask her
Then the next day, Cal was searching for Jamie. He never seen her almost the whole day and he was already beginning to worry about her.
Cal thingking : I wonder where is she? I think I'll wait for her at her locker.
Then later on, after his 2nd class, he go and wait for Jamie at her locker. She wasn't there but he waited for like 10 minutes and he beginning to feel angry.
Cal thinking : Is she avoiding me or something?
Then suddenly, he saw Jamie walking towards her locker which is also walking to him. He waved. Jamie saw him of course but she acted as if he is not there.
Cal thinking : What the heck? Did i do anything wrong? I'm sure she saw
me waving at her.
Then Jamie reach at her locker. Cal was standing at her locker. Directly in front.
Jamie : Please move.
Then Cal did. He moved aside and Jamie open her locker and do her stuff. Cal on the other hand, just observe her.
Cal thingking : Okie, she's really angry about something. But it can't be me.
Hmm, whatever it is, I gotta be right beside her to comfort
her then she'll know that I'm not that bad like what she thinks
after all.
Cal : Um, is there I can to to help you with your problems/
Jamie turn to him and said...
Jamie : No.
Cal : Oooooooooooooookie.
Then Jamie close her locker. Cal was standing in front of her and she said...
Jamie : Excuse me.
Cal didn't know what was her problem. He wanted to move but he didn't want to move unless he has an answer on why is she sad and gloomy and avoiding him all of a sudden. He didn't did anything wrong did he?
Cal : I will not move until I know what the hell is wrong with you.
Jamie at last look up and met his eyes.
Jamie : That's all you know how to say isn't it? Hell, fuck, what the
heck and what else? Well, you know better.
Cal : So? Is there any problem with that?
Jamie : Infact yes. There is a problem with that?
Cal : Okie, then tell me what is the fuckign problem.
Jamie : Well the problem is, I hate people to say things like that. I
don't like having my friends saying things that I don't like to
hear and not nice to hear. I hate my friends being a bully too.
Cal : Bully?
Jamie : Yes. I saw what you did yesterday to that poor guy.
Cal shout : You were spying on me?!!!
Jamie shout : I didn't spy!!! You were just not careful!!!! And for now
onwards, I don't want to mix with a person like you anymore!
Cal thingking :Don't wanna mix with me anymore?
With that, she wanted to go but Cal grab her hand. Jamie was so stun.
Jamie : What are you doing? Let me go!
Cal : No, I will not let you go. What the hell? Because of this you
don't wanna mix with me anymore?
Jamie : Because of what? Do you think whatever you did was just a
small thing? Because from what I see, it is not a small thing at
Cal : Oh common Jamie. Be open. You are a college student and
hey, college students have a lot of fun okie? I mean, if you
don't know what is college life, this is what college life is.
Jamie : Yeah. Maybe it is a college and a type of life you would like to
have. But that's not what other people want. I'm sure that
guy back there didn't wanted to get splashed with red paint
all over his body. If you want this type of life, then go do it
among your friends. Don't involve other people coz I'm sure
other people aren't so open and don't think college life this
way. After you have done that, then tell me whether is your
type of college life is nice or not?
Cal : What the fuck are you talking about gurl?
Jamie : People like you will never understand.
Cal : Oh common Jamie. Wake up. You are in...
Jamie : I gotta go. The point I wanna tell you is that I don't want to
mix with you anymore okay?
With that, she faster walk away!She was walking very fast!
Cal shout : Fine! Go! I don't need you anyway. You're just a stupid girl
with a stupid bookworm brain! Go and join your fellow
bokworms Jamie! I know you will think I'm right one day!
Then Jamie was no where to be seen. Cal run his hand through his hair. He felt so stressed. Something tells him that he did a wrong thing. Saying those things to Jamie really hurt him.
Cal thingking : I got to find her and apologise to her tomorrow.
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